flat screen television displaying Netflix logo

No matter if you are a college student, office worker, businessman, or housewife, you need to have some time to relax. According to the comments found in various blogs and forums, watching movies, series and cartoons seem to be the favorite way to spend spare time. Moreover, the vast majority of people specify Netflix as the most appreciated and beneficial platform that offers unlimited opportunities at a reasonable cost.

Although some TV productions have been halted during the COVID pandemic, Netflix could not leave its users without positive emotions from beloved series. Therefore, you will be impressed to see a comprehensive list of series that will be available in 2022.


There is no chance to deny that 1899 is the most anticipated Netflix series. A horror series tells the story of European immigrants heading to America. At some point, they encounter a ghost ship, and paranormal things start to happen. Believe it or not, but what you see will astonish, confuse and impress you.

What will happen to those who just want to live a better life? How will this trip change their lives? The answers to these and many other questions will be revealed in the series.

The Cuphead Show

While adults have a lot of options to choose from, children are also not left without entertaining and funny series. The Cuphead Show is an impressive collection of series that are based on favorite video games, appreciated by children of all ages. The aesthetics of the show will impress not only kids but also adults, who can always join children watching the series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

You have definitely heard a lot about one of the most famous movies, known as Avatar? Finally, Netflix is ready to present the next series, The Last Airbender, which will tell the continuation of the story and impress you with professional actors’ work.

Irrespective of all the hardships related to the creation of the series, people will have a precious chance to watch the story again.

Stranger Things 4

Did you love the third season of Stranger Things? You will surely relish the fourth one, too. Unexpected events, strange things that happen to Hopper, and a plethora of other actions will keep you engaged and interested throughout the season. The TV show remains one of the most anticipated Netflix creations in 2022.

Man vs. Bee

Funny, exciting, relaxing, and refreshing are not all the words that can characterize the physical comedy Man vs. Bee. A short 10-minute show will make a considerable impact on you, enhancing your desire to watch the next series, and the next, and the next. Modern Mr.Bean will help you relax after a long day at work and just enjoy the time.

The Crown

If you have always been excited about various historical events, you should have seen previous seasons of The Crown series about the interesting life of Queen Elizabeth II. The fifth season will impress people with a huge breakdown of numerous royal marriages and an array of new prime ministers getting their positions.

Like other history-based movies, the actors’ play will predetermine the success of the whole thing. Well, with Imelda Staunton and Elizabeth Debicki taking up the most significant roles, the series is going to be worth every second you spend watching it.


Are you fond of live-action series? Then, an appealing and impressive Wednesday, telling about the Addams Family, will not leave you indifferent. Unique play by famous actors like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Thora Birch will have a long-lasting impression on you.

The detective story will reveal the mystery of several murders that have taken place in the town. A fascinating combination of the star cast and authentic plot make Wednesday one of the most anticipated Netflix series ever.


Have you been deeply impressed by the finale of Season 3? It is time to restore all the events and watch the continuation of the events in Season 4. Finally, Netflix will provide users with the last season of their favorite dark drama series. It will be divided into two parts, with the first one emphasizing on Wendy and Marty dealing with the outcomes of the previous series, and the second one concluding the story.


The second season of the fantastic series will impress you a lot. An excellent mix of period drama and sex scenes, a unique cast, breathtaking effects, and a plethora of other factors will make you appreciate every moment spent watching the show. The rapid development of events, unexpected actions, and thoughtless decisions of the actors will keep you intrigued and puzzled till the end.

Will you love the series? Absolutely! Will you be excited about its plot? Sure! Should it be the most anticipated Netflix series the following year? At least, one of them.

With all the impressive series being released in 2022, you will have no time to relax. Instead, you will have to work hard to get some spare time to watch your favorite TV shows and miss none of the important events related to them. However, the struggle is real, especially if you know people who can help you. Thus, college students can always pay for essays online and forget about their challenges accomplishing homework. Others will have to think of available solutions, too. Anyway, check out the list once again, and do not miss the Netflix series you love.