• The Awesome joined the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship in the first moments of the pay-per-view
  • The Miz snatched the Money in the Bank from Otis 56 days ago

During the TLC 2020 broadcasts via WWE Network, superstar The Miz failed to redeem his Money in the Bank briefcase in the WWE Championship match.

The first match of the event saw Drew McIntyre taking on AJ Styles for the company’s top title in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. The combat proceeded normally until both competitors were unconscious on the ground. At that moment, The Miz appeared alongside John Morrison and made the exchange of the Money in the Bank briefcase official, turning the encounter into a triple threat.

The Miz was close to climbing a ladder and taking the title easily, but Omos snatched that single win. AJ Styles’ bodyguard threw him onto a table at ringside and chased John Morrison backstage. Miz was part of the last moments of the fight, but his dreams of victory were taken from him when he was thrown from the top of a ladder before receiving a Claymore Kick from victor Drew McIntyre.

5th superstar to fail with Money in the Bank redemption

Thus ends a 53-day run of The Miz as “Mr. Money in the Bank. ” Let’s remember that it was Otis who won the men’s ladder match on May 10 in the event of the same name. After several months showing the briefcase, “The Awesome” snatched it in a heads-up on October 25 at Hell in a Cell. Since then, Miz has rivaled Drew McIntyre threatening multiple times to trade his starting shot. With this defeat, The Miz becomes the fifth superstar in the history of Money in the Bank that fails its exchange for gold. He also becomes the first person to have successfully redeemed one occasion (2010) before failing the next.

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