The Mandalorian ‘ does not stop giving us joy. The first great Star Wars live-action series has been everything George Lucas from ‘ Star Wars ‘ (1977) would have wished for. In its first season, its fast and fun chapters got to the very essence of the saga. From Akira Kurosawa to John Carpenter, through Kazuo Koike or Sergio Leone, Mando’s misadventures have been much more than a viral Internet phenomenon starring (everything is said) the most adorable creature in contemporary audiovisuals.

In this second batch of chapters, the journey through the genres has gone even further. Jon Favreau has managed to present us with eight exemplary chapters in which we continue to discover a universe that, at last, seems to be expanding without forgetting to provide adventure to its viewers in its purest degree.

To immerse ourselves even more in their world, Disney + has announced the next premiere of a “ making-of ” that will show us how this second season was made. Unlike the first, where we enjoy eight episodes behind the cameras (half an hour each) in the so-called ‘ Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian ‘, this time we will only have a single one-hour special.

After the not exactly satisfactory ‘ Lego Star Wars: Happy Holidays Special ‘ (Ken Cunningham, 2020), a celebration that seemed to arrive more than a decade late, the Mandalorian arrives ready to save us the most complex Christmas with this special that Disney + will premiere December 25th.