The Disney + streaming platform you can find the first season of “The Mandalorian” , a series that is about to reach the end of its second season.

‘The Mandalorian’ is positioned as the strongest weapon of Disney Plus in its first year. The series based on the Star Wars universe is the most watched on the platform and its arrival in Latin America served to expand the phenomenon. The second season comes to an end this Friday and fans were looking forward to it.

The eighth episode of 2020 and the 16 of the saga generated many expectations for a second installment that convinced even more than the first. The last broadcast of the program left the unknown of what will happen and nobody wants to miss it. What will happen to Grogu? It is one of the main questions in the networks.

The director of this last chapter was at the hands of Peyton Reed . The series shared a small preview of what this latest challenge would be like for ‘ Mando’ on its Twitter account, which had more than 600,000 views.

Although a third season has been confirmed, the mouse platform has not specified when it will be released, but it is expected that, like its predecessors, it will premiere in October 2021.


The final episode arrived in Mexico at 2:00 am this Friday and those who decided to stay awake so as not to miss the premiere were very satisfied with the result, as they ensure that the end of this second season has lived up to expectations.

Everything indicated that ‘Mando’ was going to do everything in his power to meet Baby Yoda again and this has been the case in ‘The rescue’ , an impressive episode that has also strengthened its connection with the original Star trilogy more than ever. Wars .

Of course, Jon Favreau knows that you have to plan things well instead of resorting to a desperate rescue attempt, hence the first minutes of the episode focus on seeing how the protagonist gets the information and allies necessary to maximize your chances of success.

On the other hand, some users of the platform have assured that “The rescue”, name of the last episode, has not been the best chapter of this second season; however, the level of this has exceeded the first.

The third is also expected to have something better in store for Star Wars fans .