All fans of The Mandalorian series have been speechless after seeing Luke Skywalker in his final moments of the second season, but he was not the original actor of the films.

Luke Skywalker’s original actor is Mark Hamill, while in The Mandalorian, he was actor Max Lloyd-Jones, sporting a Hamill face, using CGI technology.

Fans will regret using this kind of technology to the point of wishing their favorite character didn’t show up at all. In Luke Skywalker’s case, however, what fans want is a recast.

The reason is that many fans of the Star Wars universe and now The Mandalorian, demand that a specific actor play the popular role of Luke Skywalker. Called, Sebastian Stan.

Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill bear a striking resemblance to each other, something that has motivated all fans to request the actor to play the role of Skywalker.

Some years ago Stan used the image of the original actor to imitate him, so great was the surprise and the resemblance that even Hamill himself retweeted the image and congratulated her on the resemblance.

If the character of Luke Skywalker is destined to be part of the third season of The Mandalorian, they will have to find a definitive actor for the role, to stop using CGI technology.