Since it was announced that Amazon was going to carry out a series of The Lord of the Rings all the eyes of the most loyal fans are on the project. What are is it going to be based on? Which actors will sign to lead the cast? Will we see familiar faces? What role will Peter Jackson play ? These doubts are cleared up over time, but what is certain is that there is still a long way to go to see the final result.

The followers are not the only ones who look at the fiction with caution, the actors of the film trilogy have publicly shown their fear. In a recent interview with NME , Viggo Mortensen has stated that he does not really know what to make of fiction, but the presence of JA Bayona reassures him.

“They are doing it in New Zealand, so I imagine they are going to benefit from the advice of Peter Jackson and maybe other members of the team. I think they have a good chance of doing it well. They have a great example to follow, ” acknowledges the actor.

Mortensen has hit the nail on the head. The new production has a great trilogy to look at, but that can be as good as it is bad. On the one hand, it has very good base material. JRR Tolkien has shown a gift for writing stories suitable for the cinema, but that also counts against him. With so many worshipers from Middle-earth and a totally successful movie saga, the level is very high and hard to beat.

Despite the suspension of filming ‘ was one of the many affected by the pandemic, it is expected that The Lord of the Rings keep its release date in 2021 . Meanwhile, you can entertain yourself with any of the series that you will find on Amazon Prime Video . Do not forget to visit our official section so you don’t miss anything .