The Last Kingdom’s fifth and final season is coming soon. The Netflix Original series, which is a historic Netflix Original, draws inspiration from Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories.

The series began as a co-production between Netflix and BBC. BBC is a British Broadcaster. Netflix, however, has sole rights to The Last Kingdom since the release of the third season.

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The Last Kingdom Season 5, Renewal Status

Netflix renewed the series in its last season on July 7, 2020. The series’ exit is bittersweet for both the cast and the fans.

The cast made it clear that they were returning to the series for a final season.

Last Kingdom Season 5, Release Date

The entire production of a series as long-winded as The Last Kingdom is taken many years. It is also likely that the fifth season of The Last Kingdom will not be available for fans to view until at least 2021. There is a high chance that the release date will be extended to the start of 2022.

Netflix has added a few extra episodes since they acquired the rights. Netflix has added an extra month between each season’s release date. It took 18 months for the second and third seasons to be released, from what it appears. Even though it was only 17 months between the premieres of seasons 3 and 4, Netflix still had to wait.

Last Kingdom Season 5, Plot

The fourth season was a look at the relationship between Uhtred, his children and how it compares to the previous seasons. Uhtred soon discovers that all of his children have inherited the characteristics from their father. He is also stubborn and has a strong desire to keep following the path they choose.

The fifth season will examine the negotiation of peace among the Saxons or the Danes, two groups that are constantly at odds.