Bonfire night in The Island of Temptations 3, a night of nonsense, of vile nonsense. Two sentences summarize perfectly what could be seen last night in reality. The first, by Sandra Barna. You have experienced how hard this proof of love is. Love? Ha Here of love nothing, here are they who do what they want and they who are moved only by their ego, the damn ego. The second -although many more could be added from Lucia I feel like crap, but he is more crap. It was clear that seeing Manuel making out with two girls Fiama and Stefany, was going to blow up Lucia, but the surprise was to see Lucia so whole so stoic, so queen. I’m not going to cry anymore. And he didn’t cry not a single tear.

She tore off two bracelets, took off a ring, threw them into the sand, picked them up, and threw them into the fire. A ‘we have come this far’ that tasted of blessed glory and more after listening to him seeing him hearing him. Because it is no longer just infidelity it is the attempt to find an excuse that justifies the crime committed. I know I’m a bastard he told himself, and it’s the only truth Manuel has ever said in The Island of Temptations 3.

The hypocrisy, falsehood, and shamelessness that can be accumulated in such a small body are incredible, but Manuel’s is impudence in capital letters. After the car night, the night he got involved first with Fiama and then with Stefany, Manue l woke up dead of shame and with great guilt. Hahaha! The only one who is delusional is him. In fact, Hugo has already told him, the only one with Raúl who seems to have two fingers in the forehead: “You can’t spend the mornings crying because of what you’ve done and at night mess it up again.

It must be that Manuel is thought that if he cries, that if he repents when the sun shines when night comes and he does the same thing again, the nonsense will be less. The nonsense is not that she gets involved with one, the other, or both, the nonsense is those crocodile tears, it is that I have done her a favor because she deserves someone better than me or that I have seen her very loose and I feel better.  Send noses He says that he has seen her very loose simply for dancing with Carlos or for saying that she is the one who has given everything in the relationship, that she is the one who works, and that he does absolutely nothing and is going to be more alone than The nail. Dear Manuel, truths like a temple, bigger than a temple.

That ability to sweep away the shit that you have hiding behind what he could do or think he could have done is far worse than getting involved with the whole island of temptations 3. It’s not the only one. Almost all of them are working by the same instinct, by the ego, by the I have to be above. Because of Manuel’s is fireworks, Jesus and Diego’s is impressive cynicism.

After seeing the first bonfire of their partners, Diego and Jesus had it clear, if Lola and Marina do what they do, we too, and if it does not sprout, we will make it sprout. And so it has been. The girls crossed outStefany of the worst that’s good for us, always the same – for getting involved with Manuel and also with Jesus, and indeed the girl is a little respected, but not for the fact itself, but the how. The worst, that we do not forget and deviate, are them, are them.


Manuel had the second date with Stefany after his night at Maluma (incredible about this guy). In it, he was ashamed, said he felt bad for what he had done to Lucia, but also for Stefany who was his favorite until Fiama crossed his path. Stefany reacted like a person in front of you reacts who doesn’t give a damn. Very well, you’ve gotten involved with Fiama, I don’t want to pressure you anymore, and if you tell me that you want to keep getting to know me, that I am the one you like, well, clean the slate. But Manuel is a fake and a hypocrite with all the skirts that cross his path. If he has done what he has done to Lucia, what will he not do to herStefany, and even Fiama? If something has become clear in Manuel, it is that they are neither a couple nor are they temptations, they are notches in his revolver.

Stefany was so happy, he was so calm, he had already washed his conscience with the first one. And the night came, the next night. Again, the alcohol and the party ran through the island of temptations for the next one they put oysters to. And from what was said to what was done there was a stretch. Stefany went to the background, or rather, he went to another plane, and Manuel focused on Fiama. How smart is Fiama and how you can tell that she has already traveled this path Fiama let him, he clarified, that he wash away his guilt, and with a cup or two too many, to attack! You no longer have to choose, Fiama is the chosen one, Paco has already taken out.

Another night in which the light of temptation from The Island of Temptations 3 was once again the background music in the two villas. Yes, Manuel got involved with Fiama again and the tears disappeared, the guilt disappeared, the regret said goodbye, until more time to see. Of course, the night of the second bonfire of The Island of Temptations 3 arrived and we were crying like a ripped man. What a hypocrisy! As he well described himself, what a “bastard”! Oh, what a great sorrow I have, he still had to say oh, my poor Lucia, the bad life I’m giving her; oh, with everything she has done for me oh, how bad I am, how sorry I am  The regret lasted for two minutes.

If in the first bonfire Manuel left without seeing images of Lucia, in the second there were images, but what images, ridiculous. In them, you could only see Lucía talking with her companions about what the relationship with Manuel is and has been for her. As they are images without context, and it is not that Manuel gives to go further, neither was able to realize that those words are produced just after the first bonfire.

And the same with the rest of the images. The images of Lucia dancing with Carlos, the images of Lucía saying that he was tricked by Carlos the images of Lucia imitating the same behavior that he had seen from Manuel at his first fire they all correspond to that bonfire, they correspond to rage spite to Lucia’s helplessness to see what she always knew was going to happen. There is no more blind than he who does not want to see. A Manuel did not care to think about what time these images were produced, although there were clues to Manuel was interested Lucia least do so he can wash his conscience. Ah if Lucia has said this if Lucia gets close to him if Lucia dances with him, I already have the right to go Here he who does not console himself is because he does not want to.

If everyone said it before the bonfire of The Island of Temptations 3 began, they preferred to see something of their partners than not see anything, so the crime committed does not deserve so much condemnation. And so Manuel washed his conscience. There was no longer repentance there was already justification there was already reason there was already cause to defend the indefensible. But not only Manuel. If something is showing The Island of Temptations 3 especially in them it is that they all move by the same instincts. If my partner does this, then I do the same. If my partner disrespects me, I disrespect him more. If my partner kisses, I give myself a hundred. If my partner touches, I bring chives.


Jesus said last night when Sandra Barna asked him about his slip with Stefany, that he hadn’t done it because he saw the images of Marina’s flirting with Isaac. And a ham said the witch Mon! The video of Jesus and Stefany on the couch I swear it causes me much more shame and embarrassment than the one of Manuel getting involved with one and the other. That way of looking for the slip by looking for it of provoking infidelity by provoking it of hooking up with someone for getting involved. That Jesus told Stefany that if she had not gone with Manuel, he would have chosen her is the greatest Chinese story told in The Island of Temptations 3. When has Jesus been heard to say something about Stefany? His favorite was Nahia and in fact his second date was with Nahia and there was a great vibe a wonderful temptation.

But seeing Manuel making out with Fiama again and Stefany defenestrated by him, made Jesus’ chip turn on. This one I fool myself, yes or yes he must have thought. And it took what lasts a candy at the door of a school. Do you really like me? Are you not cheating on me?I can’t trust you? I love you because exuberant girls with operated breasts drive me crazy as you would kiss me? Would you sleep one night with me? and now look at Manuel. Wow! He doesn’t dare to kiss you, then takes it and if that’s not enough, wait, there may still be more.

No, Stefany could not be reproached for anything, other than the desire not to lose his place in The Island of Temptations 3. With Manuel choosing Fiama, she was left hanging, and she was in danger of losing not only her place but of being one of the single women expelled. Jesus put it to the egg.

The one who should be slapped until your hand hurts is Jesus. His goal was clear to return it to Marina with the same coin. And it had to be now, he couldn’t wait, he had to enter the next bonfire. Stefany put it to the egg. Jesus already had his revenge, he already had his coin, and now that Martina does what she wants, if she thinks she is going to be above Jesus she brings him a clarinet. That is the thought of Jesus in The Island of Temptations 3.

Jesus does not feel anything for Stefany I think that because he does not feel, he does not feel any attraction, but he has the need not to be below Marina. If in the first bonfire Marina was already with Isaac as he was, you did not have to be very clever to know that in the next bonfire the little of the first was going to be a lot. Marina did not disappoint. Yes, the two have disrespected each other yes they have both been unfaithful, yes, both have lost 5 years of relationship yes both have done it like the ass, but there is a big difference, Marina He has done it because it is born to him because he feels like it and because sexual attraction with Isaac is the only thing while Jesus has done it by not being less than her, by remaining if not above at least the same level.

The same reasons as Diego, with the big difference that Diego has no problem recognizing it. If the first week was like a ghost around the town the second after seeing Lola with Simone, Diego was going to give himself to the cause and the cause is called Carla. At the least Diego sometimes said Carla liked it, now Carla puts burrisimo. And another that such dances party night and, as my girlfriend is going to do it well for me too. Kiss with Carla. Up with the club of the spiteful And while Lola trying to control although it is already known that Lola’s control will last as long as it took me to finish the bonfire. It is what you have that more images have been filtered than a strainer with holes.

Diego needed to see Lola again in Simone’s arms, he needed the release of his actions, but look where, The Island of Temptations 3 played with him again. The first images he showed him were those of a downcast, repentant Lola remembering him and what she loved him. Diego felt like the ass, his plan had failed. He did not regret what he had done with Carla, but there was not so much tension with Carla any more.

The toy was not so necessary for him. Until the second video arrived, a second video that was the same as the ones seen in the first bonfire because Lola has not gone much further with Simone. In fact, on their second date, LolaShe has asked Simone for less intensity, to leave her a little space because if not her head will explode. It didn’t matter, Diego needed the excuse and the excuse was to see Lola in the same attitude as the previous week. Other such dances.


And then there are Raul and Hugo. Raul, who has no reason because Claudia could be said to be the perfect girlfriend, I think mounts his films on his head because he is in a hurry to see the rest of his colleagues busted by their girls, while he only has images of a Claudia constantly showing him how much you love him. And then Hugo Hugo breaks my heart, breaks it to me and breaks it to Sandra Barna who every time this boy speaks makes Sandra Barneda go soft and tears flow out of control.

He only wants to show Lara that he loves her, that she is the only woman he has ever been in love with and wants to go with her, but, be careful that Ruben has arrived and fear has knocked on Hugo’s door, although I don’t see Lara very falling into Ruben’s networks and much less with the pot food that he is constantly making him. He talks to me and my head hurts. I split up with Lara. Me too, Lara, me too. Besides, you already see him coming. Because just as Fiama has entered the bag, Rubén has followed the same tactic that he already used with Fani in the first edition of The Island of Temptations. You can see your duster! Lara has seen your duster!

Now that they are the same. If they look for an excuse, they need it. Marina arrived at the second bonfire of The Island of Temptations 3 more concerned with the urgent need to see that Jesus had done something, than with what she had done with Isaac, who has not yet grown up, but after this bonfire, many are going to arrive, we all know how many are going to arrive. Marina’s reaction is not surprising, she herself said that she needed to see him do something so that what she had done would not make him feel so bad. It is Lucía’s reaction that left me in the dark last night in The Island of Temptations 3.

After seeing her cry every time the alarm sounded, after seeing her cry in the car on the way to the bonfire after seeing her suffer for what she knew she was going to see when she finally saw him Lucia did not blurt out a single tear. Hip Hip Hooray! Of course, Lucía, Manuel doesn’t deserve you to shed another single tear.

I have wasted three years of my life, but I am still young and I do not waste anymore he confessed to Sandra Barnedaafter seeing Manuel’s video by word of mouth and shooting because it’s my turn. What am I going to expect from him if he only thinks with what he has between his legs Right now I feel like shit but more shit him? He has done it again, he has humiliated me again but he does not humiliate me anymore. And so an endless number of phrases that could be perfectly collected in a self-help book but that shows that if it has helped him to Lucia The island of temptations 3 is to realize that she is worth too much to be with shit with a bastard like Manuel. Don’t forget, don’t make him forget.