The Innocent Season 2

The Innocent season one ends with a massive character reveal, so will new episodes ever release? Place in Spain, the 2021 Netflix series investigates a murder investigation through completely different episodic viewpoints. The Innocent season one is based on Harlan Coben’s eponymous 2005 novel.

Mario Casas stars as Mateo Vidal in the Innocent season one, a lawyer who accidentally kills someone outside a night club. After serving four years in jail, he secretly meets the victim’s mother, Sonia (Ana Wagener), along with role-plays as her deceased son; some way to help the woman grieve.

When Mateo’s girlfriend Olivia (Aura Garrido) disappears, the pasts of different characters become tangled, together with the mysterious suicide of a nun driving the story conflict.

In The Innocent season one finale, Olivia’s last decisions make substantial problems for her and Mateo. Plus, it is revealed that Sonia’s husband, Jaime (Gonzalo de Castro), is the founder of a massive conspiracy.

The finale of the Netflix series does resolve each one of the main subplots, but also raises concerns about Mateo’s true nature as an individual. Here is everything you need to know for The Innocent season 2.

The Innocent Season 2 Renewed?

The Innocent season two has not been greenlit. Since the Netflix show isn’t based on an existing book series, but rather a standalone novel, it’s improbable that new episodes are going to be generated.

The Innocent Season 2

The Innocent season one acts as a limited series and answers each one of the main queries that viewers may have, and additionally provides a final glimpse into the mind of Mateo. However, it is possible that Netflix will greenlit an anthology series that investigates the psychology of the protagonists.

The Innocent season one ends with the revelation that Mateo showed mercy to a prospective prison assassin but then chose to throw him over a railing to his death.

The story systematically examines whether Casas’ personality is naturally violent or just has bad fortune, and additionally demonstrates that Jaime’s actions are driven by his belief that Mateo is a born killer, using the final image of the Netflix series suggesting he is suitable.

For The Innocent season 2, Netflix might request a brand new cast for a wholly different story, or likely bring back Jimenez as Detective Lorena Ortiz to examine afresh crime, as previously mentioned.

The Innocent season one co-stars Alexandra Jimenez as Detective Lorena Ortiz, who could probably be the lead character for a second part. New episodes of the Netflix show might overlap with the main season yet still concentrate on a new plot.

Since Lorena’s backstory connects to Santa Catarina boarding school, her mentor Sister Irene (Susi S├ínchez) might come back for The Innocent season 2. It seems unlikely that the main cast from the first season will repeat their functions.

Again, it seems unlikely that Netflix will greenlit fresh episodes, nevertheless, audiences might demand a new installment. If this is the case, expect The Innocent season 2 to premiere in Apr or May 2022 at the earliest.