The announcement regarding the Indian version of PUBG Mobile has now been more than 2 weeks. However, the game has not yet been released. The game was banned in India in the month of September. Along with this, PUBG Mobile was also banned on Play Store and App Store.

With this, its servers in India were also closed at the end of the month of October.

No information about the release date of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile was revealed.

The game was scheduled to return to India on 12 November. With this, he told us that there will be some changes in the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Also two days later the teaser was also revealed and no release date was stated here. Also in the teaser were Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan.

Apart from this, the website and Facebook page were also opened for the Indian version. On many occasions, the download link came there but it was not working because the website was being tested.

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After this PUBG India registered as a private limited company in India. A message was sent to the Google Play Store that the review team had been publishing the game as soon as possible. There is no update from PUBG Corporation since then. According to the recent news, the release date is not fixed.

It seems that the government has not yet allowed the game to return to India.