The Good Doctor has released the premiere of its season 4 at the beginning of November 2020, which has shown us great surprises in each episode. But, it seems like the show’s producers are planning something between Park and Morgan.

In the first episodes of season 4 of The Good Doctor, we saw how Dr. Alex Park, was trying to overcome the separation with his wife, who left with their son during the third season.

In addition to that, they have been showing us how the operation on the hands that Dr. Morgan had in her professional career is affecting, since she has left her position as a surgeon.

But, in the last episodes we have been shown that Dr. Park was looking for a room for rent and Morgan offered her her house, something very obvious for what is to come in the series.

This decision to unite these two characters has been upsetting many fans of The Good Doctor, who have expressed their opinions on the matter:

Some fans think it would have been better for Dr. Morgan to fall in love with some female character, to bring more drama and a bit of diversity to The Good Doctor show.