The Gilded Age Season 01: Release date, plot, cast, and everything we know so far !
The Gilded Age Season 01: Release date, plot, cast, and everything we know so far !

The Golden Age is Julian Fellows’ forthcoming series of historic TV dramas. The series takes place in America during the Gold Age of New York City’s booming 1880s. The life of millionaires living in NYC during this time will be an inside look.

The tale would expose the backdrop of the American Gold Age, where massive riches were made and destroyed as a result of huge economic changes. Marian Brook.- Marian Brook. The General Union’s orphaned daughter. She moved to her classical aunt’s home in NYC. The trip was followed by a mystérisk African American woman masking her maid.

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The Gilded Age: Plot Summary

Located in the 1880ies, The Daughter of the Southern General, Marian Brook, an orphaned woman who moves into New York with her aunts, is told by The Gilded Age. In the mysterious higher echelons of Manhattan’s high society, she found herself suddenly swamped here.

The title of the show The Gilded Age applies to the real-life age in which wealthy New York families including railway companies magnify the Vanderbilts. Therefore, the families acquired great wealth and owned palaces on extensive locations, an aspect that we will presumably see as the history of the show.

The Gilded Age Season 1: When Is The Release Date?

In 2018, the Gilded Age was first revealed for NBC, which announced its 10-episode premiere in 2019. The show was introduced in 2009. They relocated the series to HBO and planned to start shooting in March 2020. Following the worldwide impact of the pandemic COVID-19, development was further late. In the fall of 2020, they intend to film, provided better circumstances.

The Gilded Age S01: Expected Cast

The show has an excellent cast of actress Amanda Peet, who portrays Bertha Russell, a woman who uses the company popularity of her husband to work its way into elite society. Also, Morgan Spector (Boardwalk Empire) plays Bertha Husband George, an unscrupulous baron who doesn’t want to fail.

The leading role of Marian Brook is yet to be performed. However, the winners of the Emmy Award, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski (The Good Wife).

The premiere of The Gilded Age

Baranski and the couple have shared the screen in Addams Family Values 36 years ago, for the second time in the Golded Era. At this point, there is no definitive news on the release of the 10-episode season, but the show is already shot and is hence scheduled to be shown by 2020. Hence, for all the updates regarding this amazing upcoming series keep following PhilSportsNews.