The Gift Season 3

The Gift Season 2 has premiered on September 10, in the year 2020 on Netflix. It contained 8 episodes. In case you’ve ever watched the second trip, you will know it concludes on quite the narrow squeak. Atiye chooses to complete her pursuit after knowing that she is the only hope for the planet’s future. Yet then, her behave comes about at a larger price. And the season just finishes here- leaving us with world of puzzles: where will Atiye’s cruise takes her out of here. Certainly, this indicates the composers have another season made in mind. We have to wait for a legal announcement. If Netflix offers a go-ahead shortly, we could anticipate the Present’ season 3 to flow sometime in late 2021.


The Present celebrities Beren Saat as the supporter Atiye, a painter in Istanbul. Atiye has soothingly settled with her relationship boyfriend Ozan (Metin Akdulger). Yet then, one afternoon, she picks out the figure of an old woman. In the due course, she pulls out some mysterious hidden things about an Anatolian archaeological site that’s interlinked with her past. Connecting Saat in the characters are Mehmet Gunsur as Erhan, an archaeologist working on Gobekli Tepe; Melisa Senolsun as Cansu aka Elif (Atiye’s adopted sister): Basak Koklukaya as Serap (Atiye’s mum): Civan Canova as Mustafa: and Tim Seyfi as Serdar (the primary antagonist).

The Gift Season 3

Besides, we have Meral Cetinkaya as Zuhre, Cezmi Baskin as Oner, Fatih Al as Nazim, Hazal Turesan as Hannah, Sibel Melek as Seher, and Melisa Akman as Anima. Season 3 is considered to see the general lead cast repeating their most important roles.


Season 2 lifts the story from season 1’s end once we meet Atiye at a corresponding dimension- without the Gobekli Tepe. Cansu, who is believed to have died in season 1, still lives on this Earth as Elif, Erhan’s sister. Atiye’s mother, Serap is a harborage, and Erhan’s fiancé is Hannah. Whenever Atiye shows up in these strange scenarios, her life gets all disrupted. And mystically, pregnant girls are somehow dying. Ultimately, Atiye comes across the reason for the death of these awaited mothers. She knows it is up to her to guard the long run and for this, she must do something- give birth. The last concerns show Atiye desperately after her newborn infant, who’s demented by a hooded stranger. Season 3 will tour the destiny of Atiye’s infant and chronicle our supporter’s travel as she decides to search for her missing baby.