ABC has been generating content that has kept the audiences glued to their chairs. This time they have released a documentary series that’s crime oriented. But not your typical murder-mystery but one which accounts for the genetic genealogy technology. This type of technology ought to have been taken seriously a long time back but it is better late than never.

In this type of method, DNA samples are raised off crime scenes then inserted into a genetic database. The stage involves a family tree of types being created which empowers the specialists to view the genetic sampling of the victim or criminal. This helps track the mind behind the crime.

This notion has never been talked about and has got the attention of many people which leads them to The Genetic Detective for a more nuanced portrayal. Season 1 of The Genetic Detective is available on ABC.

Release Date

The Genetic Detective Season 2 has not been renewed for a second season. The documentary series was only released for streaming and was approved with rave reviews. The reviews neither are too great nor do they seem bad. This leaves a gate open for the possibility of the second season. Once restored, The Genetic Detective Season 2 must be released around the same time next year depending upon the pandemic situation.


CeCe Moore understands law enforcement in the back of her palm considering the innumerable cases she has worked on. She and her staff work at Parabon Nanolabs which is located in Virginia. The group solves cases that seem to be a dead-end. Few of these cases stand out and leave an impact.

The team cooperates with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and resolve a double homicide while tracking down a murderer in an instance in 1998. The coldest situation solved by the team needs to be the sexual attack of Susan Galvin who was sexually assaulted and then murdered in 1967. The cases dealt with are mind-numbing like the homicide of an 8-year-old girl and a man behind a string of rapes.

Season two will open up lots more of these cases and give the families of these victims the justice they deserve.


It wouldn’t be a documentary when the cast wasn’t played with the original characters. In the case of The Genetic Detective Season 2, the cast will be kept but there are going to a lot of new characters contemplating the series will probably be dealing with lots of instances. The final throw will comprise:

  • Ellen Greytak
  • Steve Armentrout
  • CeCe Moore
  • Rick Bart