The team of the Classification Service of the Ministry of Criminal Measures, Reintegration and Attention to Victims of the Generalitat has resolved to grant the third degree to the former president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, convicted of the crimes of sedition and embezzlement of public funds. In this way, it ratifies the proposal made on January 14 by the Treatment Board of the Women Penitentiary Center (Barcelona).

The granting of the third degree to Forcadell comes hours after the Department of Justice of the Generalitat decided to grant the third degree of prison to sovereign leaders convicted of sedition by the Supreme Court. From this Friday, everyone can get out of jail, and the only thing missing was the resolution in Forcadell’s case.

The leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, and the acting vice president of the Generalitat and Republican candidate for the Presidency, Pere Aragones, will attend this Saturday around 1:00 p.m. to the Wad Ras prison in Barcelona to receive the former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell upon his release from prison after having obtained the third degree.

According to the note that informs of this decision, the resolution has taken into account that, since the previous third-degree proposal, he has served another half-year of the sentence. With these six months, he has already passed a quarter of the sentence and has been in jail for about three years, he explains.

The resolution is the result of an individualized analysis. However, as in the case of the rest of the prisoners on October 1, the Classification Service considers “that it has had enough observation time to confirm a positive evolution, by article 104.3 of the Penitentiary Regulations.

In this sense, he emphasizes that  Forcadell has had access to the life regime in 100.2 and third grade, without incidents, with full commitment to the task entrusted and with a positive assessment, both for the community reintegration process and for the maintenance of the family bond.

The Classification Service also recalls that a third-degree is a form of compliance provided for by article 102.4 of the RP, which in no case implies any emptying of any sentence.

To this, it adds that “article 72.4 of the General Penitentiary Organic Law (LOGP) prevents prison services from keeping any inmate at a lower grade when, due to the evolution of their treatment, they are worthy of a progression.

The resolutions also include articles 72.4 and 59.1 of the LOGP and article 25.2 of the Spanish Constitution (CE), which “warn of the danger that restrictive treatments violate the rehabilitation and social reintegration purpose of criminal sentences.

Now, the Law establishes that the Classification Service must transfer the third-degree resolution to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which can appeal it before the corresponding prison surveillance court. The decision of the surveillance court can also be appealed, ultimately, to the sentencing court, which, in this case, is the Supreme Court.

Everyone must go to jail from Monday to Friday to sleep, they must spend a minimum of eight hours in the center, while on the weekend they can be at home. Even participate in electoral campaign events.