Call of Duty

About a month after its launch Activision has officially announced the start of Season 1 of Call of duty Black Ops Cold War. This has been accompanied by a spectacular presentation brand of the house of the saga in the celebration of The Game Awards 2020.

BulldozerWyatt Bulldozer Jones joins the NATO camp. He is part of the special reaction team of the US Marines and is an expert in close-range combat and hostage rescue so he can always be seen on the front lines trying to help the defenseless. throughout Season 1 as part of the Shop Bundle.

ZenyaZenya, a Senegalese operator specializing in heavy weapons and motor vehicles. Like Bulldozer Zenya will be part of the NATO camp Zenya will also not be released in launch week as it will be introduced throughout Season 1 as part of the bundle in the store.

New multiplayer modes In addition to the operators, we have new game modes in which to demonstrate our skill. Shooting This 2v2 game mode is brought from Modern Warfare and is without a doubt one of the most frenetic and exciting modes that we will be able to try. You and a partner side by side, against another duo of players until only one of the two teams are left standing. The weapons are random so we must know how to adapt to each one of them. If the counter reaches 0 and both teams are still standing a flag will appear in the middle of the map and the first team to get it will be the winner.

As long as a team has the briefcase it will earn more points and gain upgrades, but it will not respawn until the briefcase falls to the ground. The first team to reach 200 points, wins in a very explosive way.  very similar to the King of the Hill but with more players. The team that manages to in a hot spot for the longest time that will move around the map will be the winner. Zombies mode beloved Zombies Mode also receives a little love this Season 1 with news and a new game mode for a limited time. Infernal ChristmasMode Christmas Die Maschine in which in addition to a festive decoration we can see novelties such as snowballs that freeze the zombies, gifts dropped from the zombies or special surprises are hidden in the snowmen.

A butt game mode in which if a certain time passes without killing a zombie, we will explode. With this premise without a doubt we will run in search of zombies instead of fleeing from them. Although we must also run to go play it as this game mode will only be available for a limited time. One team must disguise itself as part of the map  The accessories” team has a few defense tools such as a stunner or the ability to create clones but every 20 seconds they will whistle automatically alerting hunters. in which both teams fight for control of a nuclear briefcase.

Medium map focused on close-range battles for the side shops or assault and precision rifle duels in the mall located in the middle of the map.MAC 10- Submachine gun with an overwhelming rate of fire, but with some recoil and moderate damage.Groza- Automatic assault rifle with considerable damage and great range.

And although the short is spectacular it does not do justice to a large amount of content that the beginning of the Season 1 brings with it … New Operators Season 1 will bring us 2 new operators, with which we can kill our enemies. Of course, each has its own little story, of which Activision has given us a brief preview. StitchVikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin joins the ranks of the “Warsaw Pact” and will do so in the same launch week. This expert in chemical weapons lost an eye being interrogated by Russel Adler another Operator from the NATO side so there is a strong enmity between them. This enmity is reflected in the short presentation, being the highlight of the beginning of Season 1. By achieving level 100 of the Battle Pass, we can unlock the legendary aspect of Stitch

The legendary map of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is back, one of the greatest exponents of the characteristic 3-lane layout that we love so much.Nuketown ’84 Christmas 6v6Festive version of the most memorable map of the Black Ops saga.Sanatorium – Assault TeamSnap with a great variety of areas in which to confront our enemies and, therefore, that allows us to adopt any style of game and strategy in the game. With the inclusion of the Shootout mode, there are 4 maps that come for this particular game mode. Game Sho