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The digital coin announced on January 2009 by pseudonymous inventor Satoshi Nakamoto with the assistance of other people on the Cryptography mailing list is bitcoin. The digital-formed cryptocurrency entered the market as private money and constituted its independent working away from the government. The digital token, which today people can move anywhere on the network, has various terms to consider. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit BitIQ.

Basic Terms 


The currency that does not have a physical tendency to circulate as a medium of exchange but can digitally hold the same services is cryptocurrency. It is a digital token with intangible characteristics but the property of physical exchange.


Encryption means hiding the data from a security breach and preventing it with the passcode. The service of cryptocurrency provides the data to interpret without getting hacked. Encryption is essential for cryptocurrency as it plays an essential spiral role in keeping the account information safe.


Another term that regularly comes to the mind of people and during trading is a digital wallet. It is the most crucial storage that utilizes to keep these digital currencies and send or receive them at any time. Digital wallet comes with different names and specifications. For example, hardware wallet offline wallet online wallet black wallet software wallets are some of the names of Bitcoin wallets.

There is no regulation on the individual to take the wallet. Instead, the selection comes with Freedom, and the investor is allowed to independently decide the type of wallet they want for their future cryptocurrency investment.


Public distributed ledger that decentralized the system and records of the transaction is known as the blockchain. The technology is the database of valid information—the extensive distribution of information to a different network with a single authority through blockchain. Blockchain is the essence of Bitcoin, and without the software, the cryptocurrency cannot transform such an extensive network. Blocking is the single authority responsible for validating the group of transactions and verifying it with miners.


Another mechanism is part of a blockchain network and comes with 11000 or more nodes. The hardware mechanism that preserves the charges and updates the copy of every transaction constituted by the individual is a node. The blocks create several general ledgers in real-time and copy them on the network for information.

Private Key 

The digital wallet provided by the software to the individual during the account registration has given a single private key. The responsibility of private keys is to charge the privacy of transactions and digital coins. Without giving the information about the private Key with transactions are never confirmed by the blockchain. Private Key is similar to digital banking ATM pins required for making payments. Therefore, it is vital to note the private Key in a safe note or paper to avoid leakage.

In case your private key number is leaked among the people. Then, the individual should communicate with the Crypto exchange to avoid future troubles and breaches of digital coins.

Public Key 

Private Key takes charge of making the payment confirmation to a random address. The series of numbers and alphabet makes the private key complete. However, the public Key has the same role in portraiting in the Digital Network; however, the responsibility is less than the private Key. The public key is the first step to open the account and understand how many coins the digital file has. The function of the public Key in respect to banking ATM is the account number required to open the account and know the information.

Bid Price 

Lastly, selling the digital coin in the market as a digital asset requires bidding prices. Again, the Auto trading bot provides the best bid prices to the investor.

Ask Price 

Digital currencies platform involves communication. The online investors searching for Bitcoin can ask the other investor who wants to sell their digital assets. Asking the price is the investor’s first attempt to purchase the Bitcoin. It is elementary to ask somebody about their Bitcoin price. Every exchange has a separate column for communication. The investor can ask for the price if the other one is in demand of selling its Bitcoin.

To conclude, these are a few basic terms that everyone should know before heading towards the exciting exchange platform.