The Flash Season 8

The Flash’s Team Citizen fiction casts and castings have been a major problem in season 7. However, this can be fixed if Arrowverse’s new series, Superman & Lois, is used as motivation. There have been many concerns about The Flash, but this is the one that must be addressed ahead of season 8.

The concept of “Team Citizen”, as Iris had endowed the Central City Citizen newspaper in the early part of The Flash season 6, was taking off. Iris had Kamilla (Victoria Park), Allegra (Kaylacompton), and her small group of characters to collaborate and work with. They survived apart from Barry (Grant Gustin), his allies, and metahuman convicts who were Team Flash.

Barry and the other cast members worked together to protect Central City from extreme intimidation. Iris, her friends, and their research projects as interviewers took up most of their time. The Flash season 6 Black Hole villains were a huge concern for all three casts. The trio sat down with Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger) and became more concerned.

Eric Wallace said that part of The Flash’s purpose was to have a diverse, fully realized, and fleshed-out team, which would give them a significant portion of the fame. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out as well as expected, particularly in season 7.

The Flash Season 8

Chester (Brandon McKnight), a newer character, has received some praise. Team Citizen, however, has not received the same amount of affirmative reception. That could be due to their contribution (or lack thereof) in season 7.

The Flash Season 8: Superman And Lois Problem

Lois Lane (Bitsie Turner) is the Superman & Lois who has looked at this more thoroughly. True to its title, Superman & Lois gives an equal approach to Superman and his wife (Tyler Hoechlin), who get more than acceptable work despite the fact she doesn’t have superpowers.

She doesn’t have to use them in Superman & Lois. Her reporter trades, nose for mystery, and nose to impress are all that she needs to make an impression (and save Superman).

Superman & Lois worked together to create their Morgan Edge plot from week to week. Lois, possibly more than Clark, was at the forefront, alongside Chrissy and Lana to reach the bottom of what Edge ( Adam Hayner ) is up to here in Smallville.

While it is important for Superman & Lois that this stability is maintained, The Flash still needs to make progress in a similar direction. Team Citizen is a great way to help.