The Flash Season 7

While the tv crossover event”Crisis on Infinite Earths” had the unintended side effect of destroying the Speed Force, The Flash Season 7 started with Team Flash able to reestablish it, together with the extra-dimensional entity taking on the bodily form and name of Barry Allen’s deceased mother, Nora. However, the rebirth of the Speed Force led to other Forces surfacing across Central City, such as the Still Force, Strength Force and Sage Force, with the battle brewing between the Forces demonstrating Season 7’s main antagonist: The Speed Force itself.

Earlier in the season, the Flash and Abra Kadabra were attacked by the conduit of their Power Force in the kind of a monstrously powerful woman using the moniker Fuerza, and Kadabra was killed in the battle. Afterward, Team Flash was menaced from the Sage Force conduit Psych and Nevertheless Force conduit Deon Owens, together with the former insisting they are not truly enemies. This sudden growth in rival Forces visibly unnerves Nora, who urges that Barry join her fighting another thing, convinced that her moves are working towards her destruction. However, as Barry and Nora track down the Forces, it becomes clear only just how much the Speed Force will proceed to eliminate the competition.

Initially suggesting performing tests on imagined conduit Alexa Rivera without her consent, reasoning that the ends justify the means, both Barry and Iris are uncomfortable with the increasingly more questionable decisions Nora is creating and how emotionally obsessed she’s in hunting the Forces. The Flash convinces Alexa to experience the testing in S.T.A.R. Labs of her own free will, together with Alexa eager to conquer the problems the Strength Force is causing her. The moment the tests confirm Alexa’s identity as Fuerza, however, Nora quickly takes things into her own hands by apparently killing Alex with Speed Force turbo after threatening Iris and goading Barry into allowing her to steal a portion of his pace. Shocked at what they’ve failed to prevent, Barry faces a need from Nora to select a side in the forthcoming Force War.


Nora immediately made it clear, even before her murderous intentions were disclosed, that she had been another iteration of the Speed Force that Barry had interacted with before. More curious about human nature and eager to help, Nora took a dark turn when the Forces were involved. With the Speed Force’s heel twist, the antagonist is the most effective Team Flash has confronted yet, not just capable of possessing super-speed, but also potentially exceeding Barry’s speed due to her very nature as the fuel for super-speed in the Arrowverse.

Once again, Team Flash has inadvertently worked using a speedster figure that has been subjected as a twisted danger. Together with the Speed Force sporting a familiar face and originally excited to work alongside Team Flash, Barry and Iris were blindsided by the entity as Nora murdered a rival Force only looking for aid in treating her condition. And with Barry unlikely to let Nora run free and kill other Forces, the Scarlet Speedster is squaring up for a second high-speed showdown.

The Flash celebrities Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh. New episodes broadcast Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW.