The end of the last WWE Monday Night Raw program was widely commented on by fans on social networks apparently, with that fireball from Alexa Bliss towards Randy Orton that burned his face. Apparently, what was seen on television was the initial plan of the creatives of the company.

Advanced more details about that ending on his Patreon channel. That segment was planned even if both Triple H and Drew McIntyre were involved, positive for coronavirus that was announced on the same day of the show itself.

WWE ruled out removing that segment of the show since they wanted to continue extending the story between Orton and The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. The idea, clearly and as Ross Sapp explains, was that McIntyre was involved and that he would have done more than Triple H did, but the creatives were satisfied.

At the moment, we do not know anything more about the possible return of McIntyre after his positive and about the condition of Randy Orton. Another question asked was how the fire was used. The journalist has confirmed that real fire was used and that the segment was edited with a computer.