The meeting called by Carles Tusquets, acting president, with the three candidates who aspire to the presidency: Joan Laporta, Victor Font, and Toni Freixa. There were several issues on the table, but the main one was to find a new date for the elections. The decision taken at the beginning is that the elections could be held on March 7. It is the date that they have agreed, but everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. At first, February 28 was also contemplated, but all parties decided to wait another week for the covid situation to be better, with a downward curve. During the meeting, several proposals were analyzed, but in the end, it was decided on the 7th after it was decided in the morning to suspend the one set for January 24th.

At the end of the meeting, Victor Font said that we are working to make it in the first week of March. I am satisfied with the cordiality at the summit. What I defended has been guaranteed, elections with maximum participation. The two priorities in which it is necessary to work is to extend the voting points and the vote by mail. We have to reassure the barcelonismo, all the decisions that the manager takes will be made with a consensus.

Laporta, for his part, was in favor of holding the elections, since he considered that they were safe, but after the summit, he recognized that there was little room for maneuver to carry them out due to the restrictions imposed in Catalonia to stop contagion. As a candidacy, we are prepared to continue when the electoral race is resumed. The most unfortunate thing is that the one that is harmed the most in Barcelona, which could no longer be without a president, explained the lawyer.

There is a legal report that guarantees that the process stops and we will continue at this point, we will not have to start over he added. Eric won’t sign in JanuaryAnother important issue was the signing of Eric Garcia, a player with which all candidates agree. However, the problem is economic. In the club, there is no money to sign and until this issue is resolved, the signing of City defense will not be able to be undertaken. Precisely Joan Laporta has referred to the signing of the Catalan central defender.

At the sporting level, we have been told that to bring in Eric Garcia now they had to pay certain amounts and that it would take imaginative formulas that the club cannot afford. We have agreed that in June at no cost, it will be better, he said. explained.