In 2012 we met Bane, the monstrous villain Bruce Wayne faces in The Dark Knight Rises. With his armor vest and the mask that covers his face, he became one of Batman’s most terrifying enemies, but for Tom Hardy, the fear was elsewhere. The actor who played Bane told THR during the promotion of the film that he felt intimidated by Christian Bale and his portrayal of the Bat-Man.

By the time Hardy arrived at the trilogy, Bale had been the last incarnation of the superhero since 2005. With Batman Begins, Warner Bros. reaped $ 373 million, but The Dark Knight reached $ 1 billion. In 2011 the saga was more than consolidated and the public was looking forward to the next installment, in which Hardy could look into the eyes and hit Bruce Wayne himself.

Recently, Christopher Nolan spoke of the interpretation of the Briton as the villain and stated that the public had not yet deciphered all the layers that the interpreter had given his character. “What Tom did with that character has yet to be fully appreciated. It is an extraordinary and incredible performance. The voice, the relationship to see only the eyes and the forehead,” said the filmmaker.

As the director explained during the promotion of The Legend Reborn, Bane “is a wonderful movie monster, but he has an incredible brain.” They picked that character as the perfect nemesis for the trilogy’s hero: “The stories in the comics are very epic and evocative, just like Bruce Wayne’s origin story is epic and evocative. We were looking to draw a parallel with the villain, so he’s a worthwhile adversary. ”Perhaps we still have traits to discover, but the character is already one of the most mythical in the DC universe.