The Crown Season 5

The Crown is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Peter Morgan is the creator of the show. Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures produced the show for Netflix. Fans love the acting, direction, writing, cinematography and production values. The average rating for the show on Rotten Tomatoes is 91% and 84 on Metacritic. At the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, Foy won Best Actress in the lead role and John Lithgow won Best Actor. The Crown has received 39 nominations for the first three seasons at Primetime Emmy Awards. The show also received a nomination for Best Drama at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. With an estimated production budget of $260 million, The Crown is the most expensive television series ever.

Will There Be The Crown Season 5?

Initially, the show ordered for six seasons, with each season showcasing a decade. After the release of season four, Peter Morgan decided that it was “the perfect time and place to stop”. However, in July 2020 Netflix confirmed the sixth season in the works too.


  • Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip
  • Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret
  • Emma Corrin will return as Princess of Wales, Diana who will be an exception to the rule of changing the whole cast every two seasons.
  • Dominic West might play Prince Charles

The actors playing Camilla Parker Bowles, Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair are still not confirmed.


There is no word about the time frame that season five will cover. Season four ended in 1990 and season six covers the early 2000s. Season four ended with Thatcher brought down from her Prime Minister Position. However the 1990s was a tough time for the royal family, so that will be enough for season five.

In 1992, the Queens’s three children undergo broken marriages and a fire that damaged Windsor Castle. This will be a part of season five. Diana’s interview will also make it into season five. The interview can never leave people’s minds. In 1996 Prince Charles divorced Princess Diana and her death in a car crash. In 1997, the Queen completed 50 years of her marriage with Prince Philip.

Release Date 

Production of The Crown Season five begins in June 2021. That is all we know as of now regarding dates.