Trig reminds Douda, in ‘The Chi season 4 episode 9, that his simplicity and desire for equality were the reasons he was elected as the mayor de Chicago. Trig is stunned at the arrogance of Douda, and Marcus has been trying for him to be exposed for the same reason. For more information on the latest episode, see the recap section. It’s only one episode until airing, so you might be curious as to when and what other details it will have. This is all we know so far about the finale to season 4 of The Chi.

Chi Season 4 Finale Release Date

The Chi season 4 Episode 10 will be available for viewing onAugust 1, 2021, at At9 pm ET, Showtime. This Sunday, block your schedule to watch season 4’s finale live. Every episode of The Chi’ has an ending. Runtime 46-58 Minutes

Where To Watch The Chi Season 4 Finale Online?

Showtime can be accessed at the above-mentioned time and date to watch “The Chi” season 4 episode 10. If that is not an option, you can watch it later on Showtime’s official website and the Showtime app. You can also live-stream the show on DirecTV. Sling TV. Philo TV. Fubo TV.

The Chi Season 4 Finale Spoilers

The tenth and final episode of Season 4’s ‘The Chi’ is entitled ‘A Raisin, in the Sun. Jake will try to stop Jemma from returning home from their intimate night-in. He was devastated by what he saw at Jemma’s house. Tiff might decide Emmett and her relationship. She is not ready to accept Emmett in her life. Here is a preview of the Season Finale!

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The Chi Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

The ninth episode, titled “Space Jam”, is the ninth episode of season four of ‘The Chi”. It sees Papa and Kevin taking a break from the rest of the world to be free of their exes. Trig’s mayor, Mayor Douda, wants to be involved but is reluctant to let go of the keys to someone like him. Marcus comes in and joins the conversation. He is furious at Chicago’s failure to host the Olympics. He didn’t think Douda could be corrupt and sober.

Trig tries to convince him to be the mayor, not just of the Black community. Trig is invited to join Douda’s administration. Emmett is invited to meet Shay, one his ex-girlfriends, to talk about Tiff’s relationship. Tiff still lacks trust despite Emmett’s best efforts. Shay advises him that Tiff should wait until he is ready to commit. Trig turns over his Gwagon to Jake. Jake is now able to take Jemma and the Spring Fling. But he makes sure to check on Kevin.

Trig and Marcus capture Jemma’s and Jake’s faces before the dance, just as Douda arrives. Lynae with Kevin attends the dance as a friend. Kevin makes Lynae feel so secure. Marcus returns to Douda’s place to make amends, but the stubborn mayor, in the end, attacks him and lets him go. Jake unexpectedly appears at Jemma and is shocked that his brother and Douda are there beside Marcus’ dead body. Jake decides that Jemma will not know.