Season 4 Episode 10: The Chi Season 4 Season 4 Episode 10 will be the last episode of Season 4. It leaves us on an extremely heavy note. The latest episode, the ninth, was quite lighthearted. All was well and there wasn’t a single conflict. Marcus wanted Douda trained to run the government. You would never have guessed that there was a conflict developing. The characters seemed to have reached their final and satisfying conclusion. Jake and Kevin were cool to be back together. Kiesha was honest about her struggle, and she decided to keep her baby. So, what went wrong?

Marcus had a lot to do with Douda’s management of the government. Douda ignored his confessions. Marcus then went on with Trig’s business of trying to cool down the situation. Douda even decided to show up at Marcus’s place. The couple Jake and Jemma are now done with their first dance. This is where things became a mess. Marcus didn’t like Douda getting closer to his family, so he confronted them. And the night didn’t go as planned. Let’s dig in more.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 9. Recap

The Chi previously featured Papa, Kevin, Kiesha, and their love, the love of our lives. Even Shay is currently dating. Marcus is mad at Douda, blaming him for missing an amazing opportunity. Trig listens carefully to Marcus’s comments and asks Douda for his help. Papa is helping Emmet to get her baby, and she is very happy about her first date. Jemma and Jake have a little tiff until Trig comes in, giving Jake his whole truck. Jake is shocked, and he immediately takes his friends along to have a good time. Jake made sure Kevin was also cool.

Jemma is upset that Marcus has been talking to Jake. Marcus will make sure Jemma knows that he is her father. Lynae learns from Kevin that he feels like his ex-best friend is taking his ex-girlfriend to dance. The school he was kicked from is where he did this. Emmett also takes Kiesha on a house hunt for his mother. Kiesha’s story inspired Emmett to meet an agent. This is how she began to accept herself. Jake spends time washing his truck while Kevin playing video games with Lynae. Kevin invites Lynae along to join him at the dance.

Douda makes a surprise visit to Jemma and Jake for the dance. Kiesha is taught more by Octavia about motherhood. Marcus and Douda get into a brawl, with Marcus telling him to stay away. Marcus almost died amid this brawl. Jake and Jemma then return to the house to hide Jake’s drug stash. Jake then discovers the truth about Marcus. Douda lets Marcus die. Jake takes Jema home with him and keeps it a secret about what he witnessed. Kevin is also bringing Lynae home to close the episode.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 10. Release Date And Spoilers

The Chi Season 4 Episode 10 breaths of air on Showtime at 9 PM ET on August 1, 2021. The conclusion of The Chi’s fourth season will be celebrated with the tenth season finale. The Chi’s fifth season has not yet been announced. It will also depend on how the fourth season ends. The Chi Season 4 Episode 10 will premiere on Showtime’s official website. It can also be purchased on the video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. The Chi Season 4 Episode 10 Promo Video is available below.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 10, “A Raisin on the Sun”, is the title. The Chi Season 4 Ep 10 synopsis and promo have yet to be revealed by Showtimes. We’re looking forward to anything that happens. Douda and Marcus are both dead. Jemma is still unaware that Jake kept her father’s death a secret. Will she find out for how long? Is this going to be the end of their relationship? Douda also has other plans for Trig. Kevin is still looking for a place to call home in Lynae. All in The Chi Season 4 Ep 10.