It may be a bit early to predict if The Bridgertons will be Netflix’s last great bombshell before ending this strange 2020, but the truth is that previous experiences such as last year with The Witcher, make us suspect that the platform could have reserved an of its great surprises for the last days of the year. Also, what better than a vacation period to mercilessly devour one of the most anticipated new Netflix series? Probably, that the ‘streaming’ service has chosen this title and not another at a time that lends itself 100% to ‘binge-watching’ is not a coincidence.

In the absence of 10 days for its premiere on Christmas Day – Netflix is ​​considering it as a gift perhaps? – The streaming platform has released a final trailer of more than two minutes that may be the only thing you need to mark December 25 on the calendar and spend the weekend enjoying this series set in the London Regency period which, with the stamp of Shondaland – creators of Grey’s Anatomy and How to Stand Up to a Murderer – is much much more than those first descriptions that referred to her with a Gossip Girl of the time.

There is no doubt that the main family, The Bridgertons, monopolizes most of the attention in the new Netflix series, but, if you do not know anything about it, you will quickly have realized from the trailer that the great piece is another central to the fiction: the mysterious Lady Whistledown, a kind of “Gossip Queen who is dedicated to airing the dirty laundry of society.”

The series begins, as relates to Lady Whistledown herself, with the beginning of the social season. Different young people from the most powerful families are presented in society with a single objective for which they have been trained since they were girls. This is what happens to the Bridgertons’ eldest daughter, Daphne ( Phoebe Dynevor ), who enters the competitive marriage market excited, but quickly finds herself on the bullseye of Lady Whistledown.

Who is this mysterious woman who publishes brochures giving her opinion on the different members of high society families and does not hesitate to expose the dirty laundry that reaches her ears? Nobody wants to become the object of the enigmatic figure’s poisoned darts, but they read it assiduously, seeking to know the details of the lives of others. Still of unknown appearance in order not to reveal what promises to be the best-kept secret at least in the first season of The Bridgertons, the voice of Lady Whistledown we know very well since it is dubbed by Julie Andrews herself in her version original.

Based on the first novel in Julia Quinn’s family saga, the first season of The Bridgertons puts at its center a romance between two members of 19th century London high society. Daphne and the most desired bachelor, the Duke of Hastings, who faces his own family troubles. Both, as we see in the trailer, will close an agreement in which both seem to benefit … But love, as always, will end up turning everything upside down.