The Boys Season 3

The Boys seasons one and two were praised by viewers on Amazon Prime Video. It has been renewed by the makers for the third season, currently in production. Eric Kripke, the series developer, hinted at the American political aspects that the show would cover.

The Boys Showrunner Says Season 3 Will Dig Into The Political Divide In America

The Boys Season 3

Eric Kripke stated that they are making a political and satirical series in a recent interview. He said that they were interested in both the history of Vought (the company featured in the series) and the history of the United States. They became “really interested in the myths that people tell themselves to feel righteous. So they will “really explore” America as a myth.

Eric Kripke explained the impact of Jensen Ackles’s role as Soldier Boy on The Boys season 3. He also discussed how it helped them to dive into the past and the effects on the present. He pointed out that the comics often include flashbacks to Vietnam and World War II. He said that he loved the show because it allowed him to show how the superhero phenomenon affected the present and how it affected the past. Jensen Ackles plays Soldier Boy. He’s been around since World War II and was the first Vought superhero. They are able, through him and his story to explore much of America’s history.

Eric Kripke said that the terror threat to viewers in previous seasons was ‘The terrorists will come to get you’. It’s now, Eric Kripke believes, become a more terrifying threat, “Your neighbor is coming after you.” He is afraid of how politics are turning people against each other. The creator said that they wanted to find out what it is like to live in America. The Boys season three release date has yet to be revealed.