The Boys was one of the most popular series of this 2020, according to IMDb and its fans. For this reason, the Amazon Prime Video series decided to say goodbye to this year by celebrating with unpublished images. In this way, they decided to count down to say goodbye to “this fucking year”, as defined by the Instagram account itself.

The official account of the series shared images from behind the scenes, stickers for WhatsApp, a Christmas greeting and some false shots. This is The Boys content that is being published day by day until December 31st. Among the additional content you can see unpublished images of the creation of the whale Lucy, one of Profundo’s marine loves or how the penis was made that generated so much laughter among fans.

All this happens as creator Eric Kripke and the rest of the team prepare to shoot the third season of The Boys that has already been confirmed. According to the scriptwriter, this installment will have a bigger budget: “We spent an amount of money over budget in the second season, because that’s what it really costs to make this series. But now we know how much it really costs and that is what they have given us for the third ” .

There is also a spin-off underway, written by original series producer Craig Rosenberg, about an exclusive college for young superheroes run by Vought: “It’s a college series. It is a university that belongs to Vought in which young people with powers are trained to be superheroes in conditions, and everything comes together in an NBA-style game at the end of the year. It’s a bit of a sports college series mixed with ‘Fame’, because they also have to go to acting and marketing classes. It’s going to be a very character-driven university series and hopefully very realistic . “