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Karl Urban welcomed Jensen Ackles to The Boys during a new behind-the-scenes photo celebrating the halfway mark of shooting season 3. Ackles is following the hit Amazon series name Soldier Boy, oneself that produces The Boys more hidden compatible with actor Laz Alonso. Fortunately, the series is not any stranger to darkness. The Boys season 2 brought the series to open new mountains, highlighting a congresswoman with skills that get people’s brains to explode and an extreme conflict including a beached whale. The third season is looking to require the series to a good crazier level, though.

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From changing The Boys comics arc Herogasm to even more major blood becoming worked on the set than the past season, all indications point to season 3 raising the ante. After the events of the Season 2 finale, Homelander is more unhinged than ever, and just when the titular team might imagine they’re within the clear, it’s obvious that they will be pulled back to the planet of Supes once more. While some overarching story continues unclear, the Billy Butcher star used Instagram to tease the current season.

Urban posted a picture marking the return of Ackles to the organization and his original nature, Soldier Boy, to the program. The character states that every cast including the crew has such a thrill hunting season 3, which he explains is nearly fulfilled. Urban promises that the season is next level diabolical and expressed his excitement for when fans finally get to ascertain it. inspect the photo below:

The boys season 3

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Proper now, The Boys season 3 has no release date, but understanding as Urban intimates they’re about halfway done, it’s conceivable that it could bow before the head of the year. While it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has seen the show, Urban’s promise that subsequent entry is going to be even as diabolical because the last is an exciting one. The production is populated on a cast of actors with pretty relaxed morals, but with Ackles’ Soldier Boy, also Homelander could be provided a period of his money.

In the comics, Solider Boy maintains an air of naivete within the face of his horrific acts, including slaughter. Soldier Boy uses this naivete to become a special quiet villain, one who stands in stark contrast to season 2’s antagonist, Stormfront, who might not be returning to The Boys. How which will play call at the series may be a mystery, but it’s bound to be a wild ride. The Boys will still up the ante for its third season and viewers got to steel themselves against what’s future.