The Blacklist series is celebrating the premiere of its season 8, but fans have also celebrated the birthday of Donald Ressler’s actor, Diego Klattenhoff, by posting these images of the actor.

Diego Klattenhoff gives life to the character of Donald Ressler from the beginning of The Blacklist, currently his character is in love dilemmas with the character of Liz.

All the fans of the show have celebrated that The Blacklist series premiered its season 8 on NBC, but now they are celebrating the birthday of actor Diego Klattenhoff.

Klattenhoff turned 41 on November 30, 2020, so some of his co-workers congratulated him using images from the series and with some phrases.

The first to congratulate him was, also the actor of the series, Harry Lennix who plays Harold Cooper, who told him that he has always enjoyed his easy expressions in the series, in addition to the laughs off the cameras.

Without a doubt, the popularity of actor Diego Klattenhoff has increased much more since his participation in The Blacklist, which has received thousands of congratulations for his social networks.