The actress Megan Boone surprises all her followers by sharing a photo of her with her husband celebrating their anniversary, the funny thing was that they did it behind a film set, was it on The Blacklist?

Actress Megan Boone plays one of the main characters in The Blacklist’s popular crime drama, Elizabeth Keen, which is unfolding one of the best stories of season 8.

But, a few weeks ago we had shared with them a publication that was turned upside down in the official account of the series, in which the actress Boone is seen, sharing a beautiful moment with an actor from the program.

Now, she is the one who surprises all her followers with a photo on her Instagram account celebrating her third marriage anniversary.

Megan Boone, published on her Instagram account a photo with the photographer and husband, Dan Estabrook, in which she celebrates her third anniversary.

The funny thing about Boone’s photo was not only the celebration of her third anniversary but in the photo, she is seen pregnant! Something that has surprised all his followers.

The comments on his publication were immediate, in which they asked him if the photo was a TBT of his first daughter or if she was pregnant.

Their publication is filling with comments and I like you, in which they ask if their “supposed” pregnancy will have problems with the production of season 8 of The Blacklist.