Super Bowl Tampa Bay-Kansas City is about to fall and the atmosphere is also starting to heat up among the car brands less than in other editions due to the pandemic that will settle the television duel in the intermission of the game. General Motors was among the first to announce its proposal taking advantage of a friendly trend finding the right tone for ads is a key aspect in the midst of the global health situation the electrification of the car.

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Comedian Will Ferrell plays an American patriot who transmits that message for his country, using the example of Norway the paradise of electric cars the nation with the cleanest cars per capita. All this just days after General Motors announced that it will abandon traditional combustion engines from 2035. Well Audi has not been long in taking the witness and has counterattacked with this video of its e-Tron published by its subsidiary in Norway these will not be part of the Super Bowl campaign following the same theme of the American giant

The action takes place in Norway when one of its inhabitants, aboard the Audi e-Tron, the best-selling electric car in that country bumps into the world ball that Ferrell broke in the General Motors sport. Hence the main slogan of the video Hate? No imitate  Do you hate? No imitate playing with the idea that the earrings brand has already traveled the path that the American corporation wants to start. Ford and Covid-19 Ford’s message for the LV Super Bowl follows a much more orthodox line and focuses on words of encouragement to American society, encouraging it to maintain solidarity in this latest phase of the pandemic. ‘Finish Strong’ is the slogan.

Toyota and Olympic sport Toyota has also sought a theme of improvement but in another line, inspired or a campaign in which it turned in 2020 Start Your Impossible with the Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long as the protagonist. Toyota is a sponsor of the American Olympic team and let’s not forget that if all goes well this year it will be Olympic again.

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The toughest Super Bowl adsThe highly sought-after advertising spaces for the game of the year in the United States valued at five million euros for every 30 seconds this year have not been so coveted due to the particular circumstances surrounding the event in the midst of the third wave of the Covid pandemic19. In addition to the economic difficulties that have hit the economy as a whole, there is also the delicate moment the planet is going through which makes it difficult to find the right theme and tone. When it comes to cars some Super Bowl classics like Hyundai will be absent from ad breaks this year.