‘Lady’s Gambit’ is one of the most successful Netflix miniseries in recent weeks for chess lovers and not so much. The story of Beth Harmon Anya Taylor-Joy and her privileged mind for playing chess has surpassed all expectations with impressive moves on the board.

Millions of people around the world have been hooked on the plot and have seen this product in different countries, but in France, they have found a script error that they cannot forgive and for which they are very upset.


To do this, we have to move to the eve of the final of the Paris Tournament, when we all had the goal since Beth did not wake up before playing against her most feared rival. But unfortunately, the young man is tempted by her friend Cleo (Millie Brady) to have a drink at the hotel bar and as we all feared it would end up being more than one. The last is never said, but the penultimate Well, that.

When Beth heads to the bar and comes to the bar she asks Cleo what she’s drinking. Then the young woman answered the following. His name is Pastis. Very Parisian, very ordinary. Apparently, Pastis itself is a very typical French anise liqueur, but not from Paris, but from Marseille and other cities in the south of the country. In fact, it was created by Jules-Felix Pernod in 1918 in Avignon, about 700 kilometers southeast of Paris. What Cleo drinks is the Ricard of Paul Ricard the eternal rival of Pastís who was born in the 30s, but this drink also originated in the south.

This has been revealed by the journalist Matilde Meslin on her Twitter account.  About to put Netflix on trial. The madness was unleashed quickly and it took little time for the tweet to go viral and the publication to accumulate more than 60,000 likes.

A rebujito in the Basque Country?

If you think that the French has been too picky about exposing a mistake like this in a great series like Gambit de Dame we just have to bring it to our ground. Imagine that the girls are in a hotel in Bilbao and that when Beth asks Cleo what she is drinking, she answers that his name is rebujito and that he is very Basque very northern. Well, maybe he meant Kalimotxo.