Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory brought Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ), Bernadette, and Amy into the comedy not only as the romantic partners of Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon respectively but also as members of the girl group itself.

As an individual, the character of Kaley Cuoco also embarked on a journey of self-fulfillment from an aspiring Hollywood actress to a successful medical sales representative.

At the end of The Big Bang Theory, it is revealed that Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) is pregnant with her first child with Leonard, although she made it clear during the last season that she did not want children.

During his recent appearance, a fan expressed disappointment at the ending of The Big Bang Theory, especially as it continued to be popular until its final season including Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco said she understood Jim Parsons’ decision to leave The Big Bang Theory to show that ultimately marked its end, adding that the joke that it ends when it did could be a blessing disguised for her.

Kaley Cuoco explained that she believed that’s what she felt she needed for herself and The Big Bang Theory series at the time:

It’s no secret that paying the main cast members of The Big Bang Theory was very lucrative. Kaley Cuoco spoke candidly about it in the meantime, but making millions of dollars from sitcom doesn’t mean creative satisfaction.

In some cases, it may not even be enough to keep doing something. That’s what prompted Parsons’ decision to leave The Big Bang Theory, and why Kaley Cuoco now finds the end of her old acting job not so bad.