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It’s easy to see using a streaming VPN is one of the most popular reasons why VPN services are booming right now. As more streaming sites emerge, content becomes more dispersed, and using a VPN allows you to access more content with fewer subscriptions. The best streaming VPN can offer you access to local free services when you’re overseas, whether you want more content from your Netflix subscription or you’ve found a free sports stream only available in another country.

What Is A Good Streaming VPN?

When looking for a streaming VPN, look for three things: reliable access to a large number of streaming services, a good selection of servers, and fast speeds. All of these features are combined in our top option, which also has a clean, modern UI that makes streaming foreign content simple with excellent privacy.

Today’s Best Streaming VPNs

1. iTop VPN

iTop VPN is an excellent choice for unblocking streaming services, and one of its remarkable features is its outstanding streaming VPN capacity since it provides all the speed, security, and content unblock.

That means you’ll have access to over 1800 servers in over 100 countries, so you should be able to keep up on your favorite shows from home no matter where you are. Since connection speeds are consistently fast, even 4K and HDR streaming should be no problem.

Unlike many other VPNs, iTop VPN unblocks Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, and other streaming services, which is even more impressive given that these streaming providers actively strive to block VPNs.

The first 100 people can get an iTop VPN 6-month full key for free. Download the program, install it and enter the Email and password below, the program will be the Pro edition. Windows, iOS, and Android devices are supported.

iTop VPN 6-month license key:

Email: Password: WKE8askm

2. NordVPN

For its fast speeds and wide device support, NordVPN is another great option for streaming.

In addition to Netflix, the service unblocks a number of other streaming services, including BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. Its SmartPlay feature removes the need to think about which server to use: simply select the country, and the apps automatically choose the optimum server for streaming.

Apps for NordVPN are available for almost any device you could wish to use for streaming (excluding those that don’t allow VPNs), and there’s 24/7 tech support if you need it.

3. Surfshark

Unblocking streaming services using Surfshark is an excellent option. It doesn’t list the services it unblocks like some of its competitors, but it does offer hundreds of streaming optimized’ servers in 65 countries.

More importantly, in our tests, it reliably unblocks video from a variety of streaming services, and we’ve never had any problems watching things on iPlayer.

It will also unblock Netflix in 15 countries, including Japan, as well as Disney+, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, among other services. We chose Surfshark over the others because it offers such an excellent deal: it doesn’t limit the number of devices you can connect, supports WireGuard for lightning-fast speeds, and has a large range of apps, including Amazon Fire TV.

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the apparent leader when it comes to the number of streaming providers it unblocks. It claims to not only unblock over 200 of them but also to actively monitor and ensure that they all function properly.

Maybe this will be enough to justify paying the much higher monthly fee for ExpressVPN. However, for those who just want to stream Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer, NordVPN and Surfshark are just as effective for a lower monthly fee.

It claims to track over 200 platforms across several locations and claims to be the only VPN that can unblock Kayo, a live sports streaming service.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a well-known VPN provider that has proven itself as a reliable streaming VPN in recent years. In fact, thanks to dedicated servers for certain services, it’s likely the most specialized of the options listed.

That pays off, as it can unblock US Netflix, iPlayer, Prime, and Disney+, as well as the rest of the sites we tried.

It’s cheap, has a large number of servers, and you can try it out for 45 days before getting a refund if you don’t like it.