Data science is one of the highest-paying jobs in the technology field. Since 2013, the job has been growing by 29% year-to-year. This is not the only lucrative job in the tech sector. You can work as a product manager or cloud architect. In the same category is software engineer, apps developer, and IT/system manager. To win a job in these fields, you require to enroll in the relevant major. You may choose to pursue an IT major, computer science, or web development. Computer networking is another crucial major, including system administration. Many best technology majors will help you get a high-paying career.

What is the easiest and highest-paying tech job? 

The easiest tech jobs to get are entry-level opportunities. After graduating with an IT major, you can try your luck in jobs such as:

  • DevOps Engineer – Entry-level annual salary at $132,500
  • Technology sales engineer – Starting annual salary at $119,090
  • Software Engineering specialist – Minimum entry-level payment at $105,800 annually
  • Software development specialist – Annual salary starting at $95,590
  • Web development – Payment at $82,650 annually

It takes less than two years to gain the necessary hands-on experience. After that, you can get a promotion, salary increase, or career change. Keep advancing to the highest degree to boost your career fast during that time. You may enroll in an online course or attend classes after your day’s work schedule. When you are learning and studying, you get more skilled in time management. You develop new ways to write your essays or research papers creatively. There are many paper examples you can read to help you brainstorm. Connect with a pro essay writer from EduBirdie to save money and time.

This is the strategy other college students are using to excel in education. You get a chance to build your career in the tech field fast without much struggle.

What degrees are best for high-paying technology jobs? 

The technology field is widening as innovations advance. You must choose a technical degree that pays the highest. On top of the list are several choices as follows:

IT management: An IT management major equips you with a broad range of skills. You learn about leadership, analytical skills, and technical knowledge. You learn about managing projects and teams in a work environment. You can become a network administrator, IT project manager, or systems architect.

Computer science: Computer scientists learn about human interaction with computers. It is one of the most marketable technology majors. Its modules include programming theory and application design. Graphic design is also part of the topics learned in this major. You can work as a web developer, database administrator, or programmer. Other career options include software engineer, web design, and system security.

Database management: Database management is about IT and information security. You learn how to organize data and manage metadata. You can work as a computer programmer or software developer. Other options include network architecture and information systems management.

Green technology: Green technology teaches creating green systems for a clean environment. You learn about energy-efficient technology and sustainability. It is a tech degree that is currently highly marketable. You can work as an engineer, business expert, or social activist. You may also work as an educator, scientist, or installation expert.

Video game and animation development: Video game and animation development empower you with multiple skills. You learn game math, design, and development. You also learn about motion graphics, video editing, and 3D and 2D development. You can work as a game/animation producer or script writer. You can work as a game designer, animation developer, and UI artist.

Which degree gives you the highest salary? 

Most computer science degrees attract a good pay package. The technology field is wide, and you only need to choose your degree wisely. The degrees that give you the highest salary include:

  • Information technology systems
  • Software development
  • Computer programming
  • Computer science
  • Managing databases
  • Data visualization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web design and development
  • Network and administration engineering

What is the most in-demand IT degree?

The best-paying IT degree takes four years to complete. You may choose to advance as you work and get a master’s or Ph.D. Most of the highest in-demand IT degrees have an entry-level salary of $122,000. You may choose IT fields such as:

  • Full stack development
  • Cross-platform UI/UX design
  • Cloud management and architecture
  • Bachelor in mathematics
  • Game development
  • Video/animation development
  • Business administration


The technology field is wide, and choosing a major can be cumbersome. Consider degrees are in higher demand and earn good salaries. Search to know how relevant the major will be in the next decade or more. Most tech degrees earn an entry-level salary of $120,000 or more. Experienced technology workers earn some of the highest salaries. The tech majors in high demand include cross-platform UI/UX design. You can do game development, math, and full-stack development.