Virtually any high-end phone released by Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, or even Sony and Huawei can be considered the best phone of the year. With prices that are either around or shamelessly exceeding 1,000 euros, how could they not be? But luckily, 2021 continues a trend that already seemed very established, the best mobiles can also be found among those worth less than 500 euros. Pixel 4A, POCO X3 NFC, or Samsung Galaxy A51 are some of the examples, but there are many more and the claim could almost be made if the bar is placed 100 or 150 euros lower. The mid-range has gone from showing off the price to showing off features despite the price.

Even Apple seems to have chosen to approach these segments. In your case, with an SE that allows you to have an iPhone paying less than 500 euros. 489, specifically, and only in one of the models, but the change is paradigmatic.This is due, in part, to the work of component manufacturers such as Qualcomm, which with its Snapdragon 765 or 732 provides more than competent performance without the need to ‘dock’ companies. Having gone from 2 to 4 GB (at least) of RAM and starting from 64 GB of storage also represents a considerable leap in quality.

Lenses, meanwhile, have also dropped in price while rising in quality, powered by software that also helps turn amateur shots into stunning results. The portrait modes, mainly, have gone from taking images worthy of a Terra Mítica photo booth to one that will proudly top any social network.The last feature that is coming, although little by little, is 5G. There are already phones well below 500 euros capable of accessing this network. Another thing, of course, is that the network is available wherever the mobile goes. In any case, by the time there is coverage over much of the terrain, there will be devices capable of connecting.
The changes also appear in the lower segment of the market, either with their components or even with the possibility of inheriting them from the mid-range as if they were a jersey that has already outgrown them. The democratization of the sector is beginning to be a reality.

This does not mean that the differences with the top of the range do not exist; in fact, they are getting older. One of these flagships will have a performance close to that of a laptop and a camera that could well be professional. The difference is that what was once bearably affordable is now efficient and fluid.Yes, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S20, or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro are the best, in the same way, and for the same reason that Real Madrid -except for Alcorconazo- will sweep away in their first Copa del Rey match: they play in another league.

The common man competes in fields of mud and is seen and desired to save a ticket purple enough to have a thing that will last several years. You don’t want the best phone on the market; you want the best phone your money can buy.
Devices of more than 1,000 euros, headphones that exceed 600, screens that fold, and computers with mile vista wheels should be left to those who spend on a wine what others leave in rent. They have both a technological product and a fashion accessory that highlights a set. The best mobile of the year should be the one that people can afford.