The knife in CS:GO is a permanent assistant. It is used in close combat, and it can also give speed, unlike sniper rifles.

Knives come in different designs, features, and prices. In this article, we will consider the budget Bowie Knife CS:GO skins.

Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest skin has one of the lowest prices among the Bowie Knife skins. In this skin, the blade surface is painted using several colors:

  • grey;
  • swamp;
  • black.

On the Field-Tested exterior, the largest abrasions are on the surface of the blade. Damage does not make big changes so this exterior is quite nice. At the same time, it costs up to 4–5 times less than the Factory New version.

Skin prices start at $68.

Forest DDPAT

Forest DDPAT skins are inexpensive. On this skin, a forest digital (pixel) pattern is applied to the blade surface. The base is painted dark green. The handle is black. On the Field-Tested exterior, the biggest changes are visible on the base of the weapon, which even suits this skin.

The minimum price is $71.


This is a budget version of this weapon type. On this skin, dark spots have been applied to the base of the knife using spray cans. Unpainted details do not exist in this version.

On the Field-Tested exterior, abrasions are found all over the surface of the knife. These rubs are small but spoil their appearance. The biggest rubs are on the surface of the handle. Therefore, if you want to keep looking good, then go for a knife with a Minimal Wear exterior.

Discount prices start at $72.

Safari Mesh

On Safari Mesh, various shades of gray paint have been applied to the weapon surface, using cardboard scraps, as well as a mesh sleeve as a stencil. All elements of the knife are covered with paint.

On the Field-Tested exterior, large abrasions can be seen on the surface of the blade. However, it does not greatly affect the overall appearance. Therefore, this skin looks good even with scuffs.

Price — from $68.

Urban Masked

In this variety, the entire surface has the color of urban camouflage in several shades of gray. It is done with spray cans with appropriate paint and a stencil made of tangled adhesive tape. There are no unpainted parts left at all.

Now, a little about exteriors. The Field-Tested exterior has minor changes to the handle as well as a small section of the blade. Otherwise, the skin looks pretty good. Scuffs and scratches do not affect the appearance much. Moreover, the new version of the knife costs three times more than Field-Tested.

You can buy this one for $70.


The Night skin falls within the middle price category. The creators applied black and blue colors. and there is a mixture of black and blue paint on the surface of some elements.

Now a little bit about the difference in exteriors. For Field-Tested, the largest abrasions are on the surface of the sharp part. These abrasions slightly spoil the appearance of the skin, because they have a completely sloppy look which seriously stands out against the black painted background.

Prices for this skin start at $74.

Blue Steel

The Blue Steel skin has an average Bowie Knife price, but it can’t be called expensive. On this skin, not a gram of paint has been applied to the knife’s surface. Here, all the metal parts of the knife have been tempered to a cold shade of blue. The skin is also distinguished by the engraving of the logo in the form of a buffalo head. The rest of the skin is untouched.

Regarding wear and tear, on this version, there is no paint and there can be no scratches or scuffs. The only difference between the Battle-Scarred exterior and newer models is the darkening of the metal parts.

The minimum price is $78.


On this skin, the developers created a patina with a slight orange tint. The other part has no distinctive differences. The appearance of this skin is peculiar and is more suited to amateurs, so its price is not too high.

On the Field-Tested exterior, the entire surface of the knife darkens slightly. The white surface of the blade is of course not as bright, but it does not really affect its appearance. Otherwise, you won’t find any scuffs or scratches on the skin’s surface.

The minimum price is $85.

Crimson Web

The Crimson Web skin has an above-average price, but this skin cannot be classified as expensive. On it, dark red waterproof paint has been applied as a background on the blade’s surface. Also in the picture, there is a black web. The rest of the skin is covered in black. It gives off a glossy hue.

Now, let’s talk about the difference in exteriors. On Field-Tested most abrasions are visible on the surface of the sharp part, however, this damage is not very visible. There is also some light abrasion on the base, but it looks deliberate.

You can buy the skin for $120.

As you can see, this knife’s skins have different price categories. In this article, we have described the most budget models and skins with an average price policy. It is not necessary to buy expensive knives to get a good profit, especially since not all users can afford to.

Therefore, always analyze the prices and make a decision based on how you might use skins in the future. It may be a purchase for further sale and potential income. It can also be purchased for your character, have fun, and score points.