• The viewership of WWE RAW was the lowest this time. Know what was the reaction?
  • WWE is now losing more. This has been a concern for Vince McMahon.

The last episode of WWE RAW before TLC ended but its viewership remains the lowest in WWE history. This is very bad news for the company. The company has suffered a major setback before TLC. This time there has been 1.527 million viewership. This is the lowest RAW viewership in WWE history.

WWE Got A Big Shock

Shobaj’s report stated that third-hour viewership this time was just 1.441 million. WWE has now got a lot of discussion about this. Last week the viewership of the episode stood at 1.736 million. WWE has lost a lot of viewership this week. However, this show was not so bad. There were many good matches and good segments in the show. Another thing is that the last time AEW also beat RAW in every hour.

The reaction has also come from backstage regarding this show. The WrestleWotes report has been called a big deal. It says that this has happened because of some wrong decisions.

By the way, this time the episode was not too bad. The show saw a lot of fun segments and a great buildup with TLC. There was also a good settlement between Randy Orton and The Find. But in terms of ratings, the show was lazy. WWE and the creative team will be very upset to hear this news. The rating of RAW is very bad for the last one year. In the third hour, the viewership becomes even worse. Vince McMahon has to think about this thing. Now the company is suffering a lot of damage.

WWE has suffered a lot due to Corona this year. And after this, such bad condition of RAW is also very problematic. The show is three hours long and has high expectations. But so far the damage has been done. Now some big steps will have to be taken regarding this thing. The company will have to do something new. And it has to be considered.