• The big superstar was out of this match due to injury in WWE RAW. Know who will take place?
  • WWE TLC is scheduled to be held a few days later. Everyone is ready for this.

WWE Superstar Lana has received a major setback in the final episode of RAW .3before TLC. She has been ruled out of the championship match in WWE TLC due to injury. However, Lana had a big win against Nia Jax in this episode.

Who will be Asuka’s mystery partner in WWE TLC?

WWE TLC is due next week. And here for the Women’s Tag Team Championship match, Lana and Asuka were pitted against Nia Jax and Shayna  Baszler. This week’s episode of RAW featured a match between Lana and Nia Jax. Lana gets a big win here but Shaina Bazzler attacks him. This led to Lana’s elbow and knee injury.

WWE then announced a mystery partner for Asuka at TLC. Now the question in everyone’s mind is who will be this mystery partner. A new report by PWInsider reported that a big revelation has been made about this mystery partner. It states that Lana will stay away from TV due to injury for the next four weeks. And it has also been said that in TLC there will be the return of Lana to Charlotte Flair. However, this news has not been confirmed.

It has been said in some reports for some time that the return of Charlott Flair is going to happen soon. She is now fit. Charlotte Flair was attacked by Nia Jax backstage. After this, he got injured. Charlotte Flair has undergone surgery and is now fit. These mystery partners in TLC may be Charlett Flair. If she returns, then Nia can also take her revenge on Jax. And this has become the subject of much discussion. At the same time, this match has also become stronger. Nia Jax and Shaina Bazzler will defend their Women’s Tag Team Championship. Previously it was to be defended against Asuka and Lana but now it has to be done against Asuka and Mystery Partner. Everyone is now waiting for this match to be held in TLC.