The Royal House has announced this morning the future of the heir Princess Eleanor will study the International Baccalaureate in Wales by a decision of the Kings. Specifically, he will study the International Baccalaureate program of the United World Colleges (UWC) educational institution at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, United Kingdom. A decision that Felipe VI has already communicated to Pedro Sánchez.

However, not all the media have strictly reported the. The program La Hora de la 1, the morning of TV has chosen a curious way of presenting the information, and the sign has not gone unnoticed Leonor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather. It is the umpteenth attack by public television on the monarchy in Spain.

Given what happened, the sole administrator of RTVE, Rosa Maria Mateo has issued a statement lamenting deeply the serious error that has occurred and has announced immediate measures so that those responsible for this mistake are relieved of their positions. The issuance of the label, Mateo has said supposes serious irresponsibility that cannot cloud RTVE’s unwavering commitment to the defense of constitutional values ​​and the State institutions and, above all, the Crown.


The reaction of the opposition parties has not been long in coming. From the PP, its vice-secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos, regrets the sum and continues in the “drift of the RTVE political leaders that he says, seems to have no limits. It demands “urgent explanations, a rectification, and that responsibility arises.

TV, he adds, is not the television of Sánchez and Iglesias, it must be the television of all Spaniards. And today they have crossed yet another red line attacking the Princess of Asturias. The popular consider this matter intolerable and announce that they will take it, requesting appearances, to the Congress of Deputies.

The PP spokeswoman in the RTVE commission, Macarena Montesinos, considers that the degradation to which Enric Hernández submits to public television has no limits. The deputy demands that he leave his post today so that sanity returns to RTVE.” Rosa María Mateo’s statement seems insufficient to the popular people and they have insisted on asking for the resignation of Enric Hernandez.

Also from Vox, the general secretary of the parliamentary group, Macarena Olona, has referred to the label issued on the program La Hora de la 1, stating. Can you be more miserable?

For her part, the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat for En Común Podem, Jessica Albiach, has pointed out in a tweet: “Better that Leonor is abroad studying than fleeing due to corruption like her grandfather. In a republic today we would discuss school segregation and not about fancy schools in Wales.

The spokesperson in the United Podemos Congress, Pablo Echenique, in a first tweet has included the decision of the Royal House to send Princess Leonor to study high school in Wales in the list of issues that, according to Podemos, define democratic deficiencies from Spain. In a second message, after the issuance of the controversial label, he ironic: “They don’t like Cachitos they don’t like anything, hey referring to the musical-themed program Cachitos de Hierro y Cromo that introduces ironic elements to your labels.

From Ciudadanos, its president, Inés Arrimadas has dismissed what happened as shame and took the opportunity to recall the need for a public contest to choose a new RTVE address and put an end to finger appointments. The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera, considers that the matter skips all the lines of decency and recalls that Princess Leonor is a minor. His partner, the MEP José Ramón Bauza, demands his part the resignation of the entire RTVE leadership.