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Back in the early 1980s, when home computing was a hobby pursued by enthusiasts, there was only one computer that ruled the roost. It was called the Tandy TRS. In 1982 its flagship offering was the TRS80 16k with a cassette tape player to load the operating system and BASIC code into the ROM.

These were the days before Microsoft and Big Blue (IBM) muscled their way into the home PC market. Apple 2 launched around this time, and it was a trendier version of the TRS machine. All this is museum stuff and legend.

Remembering Radio Shack

Now we are in a world of META and virtual reality. Back then, you chatted to the gurus who hung out at computer stores like Radio Shack if you wanted to know about computing. They were the guys who talked you through using your first floppy disk and installing the LSDOS operating system.

These guýs talked your language and were on your side. If you wanted to know what a gismo did, then the guy at Radio Shack would know. His head was buried deep in the latest copy of Byte magazine, which was the bible of PC nerds everywhere. Heavens! Byte magazine, in its heyday, weighed as much as a desktop computer.

Where has all that technical knowledge and enthusiasm gone? Well, it hasn’t passed its DNA on to the sales staff you find at PC World or any other computer outlet. Now, it is ‘pile them high and sell them cheap. You certainly do not need to understand the minutiae of computing to work in a modern computer store. Let me tell you where that expertise and dedication has gone – to brick-and-mortar spy accessory stores.

Where have the nerds gone?

The helpful nerds are still around, but now they will chat with you about voice recorder spy pens and Bluetooth speaker security monitors. Wow, have these experts fallen on their feet? Spy center gadgets are a tech-nerd paradise. So many cunning devices with buttons and dials and glowing bits. Every day must feel like Xmas for the enthusiastic teams who work with Spycentre gadgets.

Every wannabe 007 has its Q ready to unveil its latest secret tool. If surveillance is your thing, then these are the people you can chat with until the sun sinks into the sky. It is that same atmosphere you used to have at Radio Shack and you now have in places like this.

When you visit a bricks and mortar spy store or one online, you get great support; let us consider the things you might have in mind.

GPS trackers with a dedicated login for you to monitor your assets. Video surveillance equipment can serve as a nanny or provide elder cams to protect your loved ones. Imagine that hidden cameras come with night vision and professional-grade video surveillance equipment comes with audio recording.

The need for counter-surveillance products

There are many counter-surveillance products available on the market today. These products can be used to detect and thwart surveillance attempts by both government and private entities. They can be used to protect both individuals and businesses from unwanted monitoring. Various counter-surveillance products are available, ranging from simple devices that detect listening devices to more sophisticated systems that can jam electronic signals. There are also counter-surveillance products available that can be used to track the movements of people who are trying to tail you. No matter your counter-surveillance needs, a product is available to meet them. With the help of these products, you can keep yourself and your business safe from unwanted monitoring.

Consider getting a multi-functional bug detector.

The latest multi-functional bug detectors find all kinds of eavesdropping equipment, from wiretaps to baby monitors. It’s a must-have tool for people concerned about listening in on their conversations.

You can also use it to detect hidden cameras, wireless transmission devices (10MHz ~ 10GHz), phone tapping (250Hz ~ 5KHz), laser listening devices, and other eavesdropping tools. The main feature of this bug detector is its removable lens finder.

Plugging it into the device will shine a red light, reflecting off the hidden camera lenses, even if the lenses are hidden within things barely bigger than a pencil.

You can use this unit to tap into the phone line for a landline telephone, either POTS style (plain-old-telephone) or an IP phone, to determine if the phone lines are tapped. It also has a laser detection function which can be used to find out if a laser microphone is being pointed at a window.

There are many technologies for surreptitious recording out there. Some of them work better than others, but in the end, they all give you what you need to take secret videos and photos without being caught. And that is just one device on a current spy shopping list.

The phone recovery stick

This is something you see in the movies. The spy breaks into an office in a closely guarded building, and whilst the clock is ticking, he plugs the USB drive into the suspect’s phone and downloads confidential data. On the screen, it seems to take an eternity, and the audience holds its breath, will this data download in time?

You can be sure that when Q is putting together your next mission pack, he will slip in one of these babies. You can use it for more mundane tasks, such as checking if your partner has been ‘naughty messaging’ someone else or if an employee has been passing on secrets.

The best forensic USB drives have software that will allow you to recover deleted or corrupted data from any device.

You’ll have to download a compatible version of the Amazon Appstore to access Amazon Instant Video on other devices. It only works with some devices, but it will soon. The recovery stick is easy to use. There is a sizeable data-recovery area. If the data isn’t changed by newer information, it will stay within the device’s memory. Text messages, contacts, calendar entries, photos, mp3 files, videos, documents, and internet history can be retrieved by it. The tablets can be used as a backup drive for your phone. They can also monitor electronic communications on a child’s or employee’s phone. When restoring damaged files, forensic recovery programs are helpful. They will give you peace of mind when you recover your hard drive.

Block your phone from probing signals.

Did you know that your cell phone can be used to steal your personal information even if you turn it off? Many modern devices can also be compromised remotely. But don’t worry, with signal blocking bag, you’ll always have peace of mind. Place your phone in the bag and close the clasp; your device will be protected from any outside signal. Your data (namely call logs, credit card numbers, Google searches, and GPS location) is virtually impenetrable. And I’m not kidding about protection from EMPs and other devices that track or hack phones. Oh, not to mention the protection from harmful radiation! This thing will have you Instagramming like a spy without all the dangers of espionage. Fortunately, it’s both stylish and easy to use.

Most modern devices can now be compromised remotely. This can happen even if the device is powered off. Therefore, people need to take extra precautions and use extra security products to protect their devices.