The relationship between Maria Pedraza and Jaime Lorente has come to an end, as confirmed by Hola magazine. The two actors met in 2016 after both coincided in the popular series ‘La casa de Papel’ and ‘Elite’. Their courtship began, despite everything, after the filming.

Their relationship was no secret and both shared photos of their happiness on social media. Precisely, the fact that María Pedraza deleted her posts on Instagram at the end of last year set off the first alarms.

Jame Lorente continues to keep the photos with Maria PedrazaThe Murcian actor, for his part, continues to keep his photos with her. The two follow each other on social media, but they are not together. Anyway, Hola magazine has not revealed the reasons for the couple’s romantic breakup. The two spent confinement in the house that the protagonist of the series El Cid on Amazon Prime has in Madrid. Currently, Maria Pedraza awaits the premiere of the film ‘Polyamory for beginners in which she has participated as an actress and which has been directed by Fernando Colomo.