There are still fans of The 100 who are hopeful that Bellamy and Clarke will find their way into each other’s arms. Others are happy that Bellamy and Echo met and would work even better for these reasons:

They lived together for years

The 100 have taken place for over a century. Clarke and Bellamy, however, perhaps spent a year or two living on Earth among its people. Since they met, they haven’t spent that long together.

Bellamy and Echo, on the other hand, live in confined spaces in what remains of the space station on Earth in The 100. Echo and Bellamy do not begin a romantic relationship until three years after their time in space.

Their secrets are told

Some fans of The 100 might argue that Bellamy and Clarke don’t have secrets, but they don’t spend a lot of time talking about their past together. Bellamy and Echo have moments to sit down and talk.

Quickly forgive arguments

Bellamy has forgiven many former enemies for The 100 series, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to hold a grudge. Some seasons of the show have seen him at odds with Clarke for almost the entire stretch of episodes.

But with the Echo, he often finds ways to talk about his problems right away. Even when Bellamy thinks Echo is being cold and insensitive in season six, calling out to her in her pain, he and Echo talk in the same episode of The 100.