Think of a British billionaire who takes advantage of the time that he has free while managing his companies to approach the Lamborghini dealership in London. Today is another of the great days that you can often afford.

you were called yesterday telling you that your Lamborghini Sian is finally ready to be delivered. Not just any version of the Hurricane, which may seem too common, a model that is not up to the economic elite of the world. Neither does the Aventador, perhaps so popular for him that he hasn’t even been seduced by one of the SVJ versions. From the Urus no not at all. That is not what I was looking for.

What he’s going to pick up is a Lamborghini Sian a model that only 63 billionaires like him have been able to buy, 63 people who have earned the right to distinguish themselves from everyone else with the best. It is a supercar with a V12 6.5 engine and a 48V micro-hybrid system that delivers 819 hp, reaches 350 km / h, and guarantees a step from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds, which makes it the fastest bull ever has crossed the UK.

I will be the center of all eyes. They will burn with envy But when he arrives at the dealership, he finds that his car is not alone ​​another Sian unit is parked next to him! Calm down it may be said, try to calm yourself down. Yes, it has a completely different interior and exterior configuration but it is a Sian like mine.

What a damn coincidence! Only 63 units are going to be produced, of which only three have been assigned to the United Kingdom, and on top of that, 3.5 million euros have been spent to find that it will not be the only British or based in the UK that can show off with such a stratospheric racing car.

Yes, we would not care and probably the same will happen to you, but this coincidence has occurred in the aforementioned British dealer of the brand, which with the permission of the two owners has taken the opportunity to immortalize the coincidence in different places of the British capital.

The photoshoot must have aroused passions in that country, which has always shown a great fondness and a high knowledge of automobile culture. The lightest of them has dazzled with its Grigio Nimbus color, with the carbon roof insight and contrasting details in red. For its interior, black has been chosen with contrasting details in red.

All of which has been chosen with the help of the brand’s Ad Person department. The other is Nero Helene in color and features unpainted carbon fiber on the rear hood, front boot lid, and headlight brackets, as well as various gold accents and a black and gold interior.

We would be unimaginably happy with either one. And yes, given the choice, whoever writes this kept the light-colored one. But let’s face it with a basic Hurricane, we were already satisfied.