Terry Funk is one of the longest-running competitors in the wrestling business. With a career that began in the mid-1960s, the extreme wrestling legend continues to make headlines with his in-ring appearances at his advanced age.

However, the name of this member of the WWE Hall of Fame became a trend due to an alarming message he gave using his social networks.  I am an elderly man and I feel very tired,  Terry clarified. I really feel that way, so I kindly ask you not to send me photos to autograph. I feel mentally drained and even groggy. I will appreciate it if you can stop sending photos.

Terry Funk’s deteriorating condition in the video set off alarms for many fans. Recall that the health of the member of the WWE Hall of Fame has been the subject of discussion in recent years. At 76 years old, the competitor has added multiple appearances between the ropes over the past decade but has also had to undergo various medical treatments and surgeries to extend his quality of life.

Dusty Rhodes Kept In Touch With Terry Funk

Amid the concern of the fans, it was Dusty Rhodes himself who was in charge of asking for the care of his friend through social networks. I spoke on the phone with Terry Funk. He is suffering too much and some prayers would serve him. One of the greatest legends who has stepped on a ring. Much appreciation to all were the words that the All Elite Wrestling competitor dedicated. It is worth noting if at the moment, it is unknown what exactly is happening with the veteran fighter, or if it is only a passing warning.