A couple of years ago, director Cameron shared his idea for a new trilogy, and the sixth installment of The Terminator, Dark Fate, was intended as a start. Therefore, it is possible that in addition to the release of the seventh part of “Terminator”, viewers can expect another, eighth part. In addition to discussing the release date of Terminator 7, viewers are actively discussing the plot of the future picture.

James Cameron shared that subsequent episodes of the film will focus on the development of the relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity. Probably, the irreconcilable camps will be able to come to a compromise solution for a peaceful existence.

The events of the sixth part took place three years later, in 1998, after the destruction of the T-1000 by Sarah and John. After they move to Gatemala, another T-800 appears and kills John Connor.

Twenty-two years past, in 2020, a new Rev-9 model terminator and Resistance soldiers Grace are moving to Mexico City from the future. Their goal is to protect Danielle “Dani” Romos, whose destiny is destined to lead the fight of people against machines in place of John Connor. Robot killer Rev-9 in the guise of Dani’s father sets off in pursuit on a mission to destroy Dani.

Dani and Grace try to flee from the pursuing car. Sarah comes to the rescue, stopping the robot for a while with a shot from a grenade launcher. A guest from the future and her charges cross the American-Mexican border, where they find the murdered John T-800. After completing its mission, the robot is no longer aggressive or dangerous, it leads the life of an ordinary person. Karl started a family, learned to make decisions, show feelings and emotions. Redeeming his guilt against Sarah for the murder of his son, he assists the group to destroy Rev-9.

After a series of chases and battles, the heroes defeat the latest ruthless model in a decisive battle. The price of victory is the death of Grace and Karl’s T-800. Before the Rev-9’s power core explodes, Karl says to Sarah, “For John” Dani and Sarah leave together.

The statement of the famous A. Schwarzenegger in 2019 fueled rumors in the Internet space about the release of the seventh part of the legendary “Terminator”. Schwarzenegger announced the sequel to the sixth film “Dark Fate”. The full-length film of the seventh part will be dealt with by James Cameron – the “father” of the universe.

 Terminator 7 Release Date

The ending of the film provides an opportunity to continue the story. Fans keep hoping for new parts of the franchise and are eagerly awaiting official information on the release date of Terminator 7.