For the past few weeks, RETRIBUTION, led by Mustafa Ali, has been trying to recruit Ricochet to join its ranks, but for now, the former United States champion has been firm in his decision despite constant attacks. received.

This morning, T-BAR, one of the stable’s most active members on social media, has published an image of RETRIBUTION with six members. In the image, tagged with the hashtag #RETRIBUTION, we can see Ricochet with whom he could be his companions in the future. You can see the image below.


Mike Johson, a journalist for PWInsider, recently reported that the story will continue in the next episodes of Monday Night RAW and RETRIBUTION will continue to work hard to get Ricochet to accept his offer. However, it is unknown what the outcome of the storyline will be, so it is not yet known if Ricochet will end up succumbing to his insistence or if all efforts will be in vain.