E n September and we tell you that Suzuki would launch a commercial version of the Jimny, and now we know much more data, starting with its name, Jimny Pro, and continuing for a price that is set at 20,970 euros if you use it as work tool (it is then exempt from the Registration Tax). The new Pro differs from the passenger model in that it lacks rear seats, has a completely flat floor at the rear, and incorporates a separating grid between the cargo area and the two front seats. Its cargo volume thus reaches 863 liters, which is 33 liters more than what the passenger version offers if we fold down the rear seat.

Of course, it shares all the chassis elements of the passenger model, including the AllGrip Pro 4×4 drive system. So few vehicles can promise such a mix of agility (it measures only 3.65 meters in length) and off-road capability. Because the Jimny Pro is an ‘old-fashioned’ 4×4, with a reduction gear, rigid axle suspensions to withstand intensive off-road use, a ladder chassis, and outstanding off-road dimensions: 37 degrees of attack angle, 49 degrees of angle of outlet, and 28 ventral angles.

As for the engine, it is a gasoline block with four cylinders and 1.5 liters that delivers 102 hp and 130 Nm of torque. The Jimny is not a car designed to go fast, among other things because it’s the very low weight (1,090 kg) and its flat sides make it sensitive to gusts of wind, but its maximum speed of 145 km / h enables it to roll when necessary for expressways. Regarding consumption, Suzuki announces for this version an average consumption of 7.7 l / 100 km.

The new Jimny Pro is a direct heir to the famous Suzuki SJ (they were manufactured in Linares, Jaén), which reaped a reputation for being indestructible and had short, long, pick-up, canvas roof, fiber roof, metal roof, and raised the metal roof. Regarding the aforementioned price, it must be clarified that Jimny Pro falls into the category N1 van, which excludes from the Registration Tax vehicles subject to an economic activity (that is if you use it as a work tool). Under these conditions, the Jimny Pro must pass more ITV than a car (from two to six years, one ITV every two years; from six to ten years, every year; and with more than ten years, every six months). Also, its maximum speed is limited to 90 km / h on motorways and expressways, and 80 km / h on conventional roads.

If, on the contrary, we do not want these limitations, we can classify it in the M1 category, and enjoy higher speed limits and ITV with less periodicity. Of course, you would have to pay a 9.75% Registration Tax, so it would cost 23,020 euros. And there are no other options than the Verde Jungle paint, which costs 345 euros.