From the above mention line, it can be stated that food is the ultimate satisfaction among many people. Thus Supermarket Stakeout, an American cooking television series starts its episode on Food Network. Initially, the show started with four chefs, creating dishes from groceries bought by customers for $500 each. Latter on the ending conduct with a winner winning prize of $10,000. Likewise Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare, the show directly attract the target audience due to its top indentation subject matter.


The television series host Alex Guarnaschelli has great experience among this sort of shows. Despite being hosting many other shows like this, she also carries extra experience with this sort of show. Also being a competitor on Iron Chef America she also hosted many shows likes The Cooking Loft, Food Network Challenge, Chopped and so forth.

Afterward, the show having many changes in judges and hosting, the third season is going to appear with Guarnaschelli.


Without having any change in the structure of the show, Supermarket Stakeout is going to appear again with the same reality show. The show shapes a unique way among the others as the chefs have to work under the contestants. The chefs of the show have to make food with the grocery bought by the contestants from the market within certain allotted money that is $500.

Release Date

The renewal of the most popular television show Supermarket Stakeout with season 3 will be going to the premier by March 2021.